A day off – yellow skirt and mohair blue knit


There are so many things I’d love to share with you, guys, about my thoughts and a tiny bit of my life, lots of those things come to my mind during the day, but after a full day of work , when I’m ready to post, all my mood is gone..and I’m not that enthusiastic about anything, anymore, not to mention I have some annoying pain in my lungs that keeps waking me up during the night, so not much of the sleep it’s that I’m getting either ๐Ÿ™ but at least I’m ready to show you my new outfit with two cool items I’ve received some days ago from Awwdore and Oasap. At first I was very disappointed about the colorful knit from Oasap, not because it was something wrong with it, ’cause it’s an adorable, rich in color, soft and fluffy mohair knit, but it’s so fluffy, that if you have a generous bust, it’ll boost is too much..if you know what I mean, so I had to wear it without a bra..which I don’t mind, by the way..I know it’s necessary for support but I always feel so pleasant and unleashed without it. The knit from Oasap came from UK and arrived fast in my country(Romania). The skirt from Awwdore it’s also very nice and I’ve purchased it having in mind the match with this knit. I was surprised to how many compliments I received during the day, from men and ladies, at the same time, so I guess it must be an adorable day to day, cozy and chic outfit…but of course you shouldn’t forget about the accessories that are very appreciated and fashionable nowadays, no outfit is complete without them! I used to wear little to no accessories some time ago, so when my husband saw me today wearing these abundance of jewelry on me, he was a little shocked, to say the least, but I took a ring off to compensate haha. It was a wonderful, sunny day but not very good for my photos, so this gave as a hard time to make them, but it’s a good time investment for learning how to handle these situations also, ’cause no matter what I do, I always end up making my photos at the worst hours!! I’d like to mention that the package from Awwdore took a little too much time to arrive then I’ve expected(with the holidays) just like the one from Chickwish, but I forgot to tell you, guys, about this in my last post: Ballerina. So, until now I had a good experience with my online shopping, not to mention that I find so many items that I would never get to see them at the stores in my city. I still have some outfits to show you with clothing from other online stores, but more about this in my next posts. I didn’t really used to wear fuchsia-purple lipstick, I was more into “pinks” and “reds”, so this time I’ve tries something new, I loved it and I’ll definitely try a wider range of colors from now on..no “blues” or “greens” in any way, but I’m not really that sure about black!! For my makeup I wore the usual Vanilla pigment from MAC for the eyelid and under the eyebrows and black eyeliner with my new fuchsia or purple – or whatever you might call it – lipstick: colorsensational from Maybelline, 906 Hot Plum, black nail polish from MAC.

So I wore:
Mohair blue with colorful dots knitOasap
Yellow layered skirtAwwdore
Boots – Jeffrey Campbell
Bag & beltMusette
Necklace – Stradivarius
Studded leather bracelet – Mango
Rings and the other braceletsBanggood