A different frosty – pink eye makeup and purple lips


Hi all, I had such a lovely evening this Saturday, I went out with my husband to watch a Romanian movie – Pozitia Copilului – outdoors, in the center of my town Timisoara. I liked it all the way to it’s ending, ah it’s always the ending that lets me down 🙁 Everything is starting to be so hippy-like in this town, like in many other big European cities I’ve been to..people laying down wherever they find a place..or not..acting really “cool”, little bit exaggerated. We don’t like this trend all that much, but don’t have anything against it at the same time, just noticed how people usually follow trends a little bit too much and all of the sudden they turned hippy 😀 A couple of years ago people where really looking strange when you would lay a blanket in the well known places in the center of the town… now they find it to be really cool haha. So here I come just in the right place with my hippy style, but not on purpose. It’s something new I’ve tried than the usual. I wasn’t used to adding that much color right under the eyebrow, so I switched the colors, frosty down, pinky up 🙂 this is what it came out and I really really love it. Actually I saw this look in a picture, but I thought it will not look good on me. We must not follow rules so much, do we? I didn’t use known brands this time for the eyeshadow and lips, because I didn’t have those colors. Here is where my no name eyeshadow pallet comes to rescue. Let me tell you something, if you use pure color shades it not that important to purchase a brand, only for the mixed colors you can sense the difference, the most expensive ones have really cool combinations, while list the others are pretty boring. At least this is something that I’ve noticed. So what have you been up to during the weekend?

Makeup products:
1.Era everyday airbrush foundation by Classified cosmetics and
MAC Blot Powder Pressed(light)
2.-not used here
3.MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
4.Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner(Black)
5.-not used
6.It’s a bronzer but I use it for the eyebrows shaping
7+8.Maybelline the Colossal Volum’ Express mascara brush + MAC’s False Lashes Extreme Black content
9.Pink eyeshadow – no name
10.Yves Rocher(Amande vanille) – frosty eyeshadow
11.Purple lipstick mix from: Nivea balm + 2 purple eyeshadows
12.MAC Frost Nocturnelle – black nail polish