A night in Butterfly Valley

Our breakfast at Sultan Motel in Oludeniz.

A morning on Kidrak beach in Oludeniz – this is a smaller beach just near the well known Belcegiz beach, but one that offers a more enjoyable stay because it’s not so crowded. There was a funny peacock that just wouldn’t stay away from the cars.. the reason? he is admiring himself mirrored on the car, but as only some monkeys can recognize themselves in the mirror, he obviously thinks it’s another peacock. Look at him! Isn’t he a sweetheart?

The lovely Oludeniz/Belcegiz

Butterfly Valley is a great place to be, a beach near Belcegiz that can be accessed only by boat with rustic bungalows, tents and beds on the beach, great food, lovely tourists that appreciate the nature, all in kind of a hippie style. You can take a boat trip to Butterfly Valley from Belcegiz 3-4 times a day and you can return the same day, but a night in Butterfly Valley is a must! And you’ll never see the stars so clear on the sky as in BV. But don’t expect it to be a remote place, the place became pretty well known and there are some tourists, but still enjoying a simple life, with no electricity in the bungalows, no A/C, and wc and showers outside.