A wild trip to Rodnei Mountains in Romania

I love mountain trips, they have something special, much wilder and closer to nature than our other trips, that’s because traveling in these remote places we have no access to any kind of technology or comfort, we get away from it all. It’s hard to make these kind of trips, it’s exhausting to climb the mountains all day long, it’s almost impossible to bear the heat and still make the effort, it’s annoying to take your dinner while the mosquitoes keep buzzing you but eventually this will be rewarded with spectacular landscapes, the quiet of nature and the accomplishment of something far more important then a lazy weekend watching tv, taking naps and eating chips and ice cream all day long.

We usually start planning the trip from home. It’s nice to discover new things on site but it’s even nicer to have it all ready and planned and let the unexpected be like a bonus to you. But don’t plan too much when hiking a mountain because chances are you’re probably be doing not even a small part of what you’ve planned. It happened to us last year when we went to Retezat Mountains, we planned dozens of peaks and didn’t climb any till the end, we were not prepared, but this time I was very reasonable, I had no expectations whatsoever and still we made it on top of highest peak in Rodnei Mountains and Oriental Carpathians, Pietrosu Peak 2303m and a second one with a close height Rebra Peak 2225m.

We planned to camp in a wonderful valley at 2000m near the Iezer lake surrounded by the highest peaks. The path to the lake was partially accessible by car, we left our car in a villager’s yard and continued by foot. The climbing was exhausting at that heat, and we had luggage for 3 days including the tent, the cloths, the food and other stuff we needed for these days.

This is a panel showing some of the animals that can be found in these mountains, the bear is the only one I wasn’t that happy to meet. The lynx was on top of my list because I love felines, but you know there is no chance of meeting these animals, they are walking away from the main road, I guess you’ll have to venture in the woods to have a slightly bit of a chance to meets any.

This cute doggie was named “happy” for as long us he was with us. He would have done anything for a meat can, he even followed us till the end of our trip at the lake. And when we got some wet towels from a plastic package he became extremely happy, he thought it was meat, isn’t that sweet :D. We planned to eat together with him when we would have arrived at the lake, because our cans were limited, one/day, but the doggie left us as soon as we arrived, we didn’t even see him leaving..he was just gone.

We met this guy on our way, with a jeep, he told us he is working on the animal census from the forests.

Happy doggie pic

Born together, dead together. Two twins were killed in an avalanche in feb ’96 🙁

And here it is the meteorological station near our camping place

The place where we camped!

and the food 😀

fish can with bread, peanut butter, bananas, apples, sharon fruit and black currant juice 😀

Making the tent

Iezer Lake

Playing with the snow

Local beauties

Our dinner: Chicken soup made on site!!!

Well we ended eating it in the tent, because the flies were so annoying 🙁

Under the clear sparkling sky, waiting for the full moon to come pass the mountains…but could wait no more, so sleepy we were

Moooorning healthy heart!

Climbing on the highest peak Pietrosu

We could see our tent all way up to the peak. Look for the small orange spot hehe

Ah we made it!

Taurile Buhaiestilor, some lakes we will later descend to after climbing the Rebra peak

Climbing on Rebra

Rebra Peak


So hungry eating peas with chicken and peanuts 😀

Taurile Buhaiestilor – we were so thirsty, we didn’t know if the water is safe to drink but we were so dehydrated with only 2l from the morning, so we filled our bottle with another 2l, it was the best water ever! Later we found it was the best quality with proper quantities of minerals 😀 Lucky us. It was so nice and blue and clear, surrounded by flowers and mountains, real heaven!

The storm was approaching so quickly, by the time we were on the highest peak again, it started raining, I was so afraid of the t-storm 🙁

Good night sleep 🙂

Morning with probably some endemic flowers bouquet and a healthy fruity-veggie heart again 🙂

We went to see marmots before we left. Mornings and evenings are best to spot animals, they are more active those times of the day. We saw a family of marmots passing the path for climbing the mountain. Looking through the cameras zooming lens it actually showed a family of black goats 😀 we were actually lucky, we saw 9 of the 40 black goats inhabiting Rodnei Mountains.

On our way down the mountain all packed up.

..my husband smelled something …wild strawberries!!!hmmm and I thought women have better smell than men. These were soooo good! We also ate a lot of blueberries, but I’m not a big fan of blueberries, they don’t really have a flavor although they are so healthy

Our trip map