Beethoven – Für Elise
This music is so much Julieta-like

Skirt – NewDress
Shirt, cape – Zara
Shoes – Musette

As addicted as I once used to be, I’ve considered I gradually became the opposite during the years. Addiction can be present in many fields, but what I’m talking about is related to human relationships. I admit, I still have this uncontrollable desire to please everyone, but I’ve given it a completely different shape, may I say maybe a recreational one(eg.: I do it because I like so.). Time has proven me I don’t really need approval in any state, for anything, from anybody. Is this called confidence? Whatever it is, I’ve borrowed it from Radu, as I’ve always been amazed seeing this on him, and I realised how powerful and beneficial it can be.

Although I have to say I still have one tiny bit of addiction and that is my husband. He had to leave the city for a few days, and it was only than that I fully became aware of it. I’ve spent these last days waiting for him and imagining where and what he is eating, whether he’s having a good time, when he might be going to sleep, all the take offs and plane landings, I even had that empty stomach feel just like I myself experience it on taking off. I didn’t even try to enjoy a pleasant walk on these beautiful sunny days, since I knew I’d feel he’s missing. He is my beautiful things and he’s now taking off from Paris. So excited to have him back home!

Getting on topic it has been Julieta’s half year anniversary. Radu was really caught day and night(minus a couple of hours for sleep) with tons of work, but he still wanted us to go out to celebrate her. Between cryings and feedings I managed to get ready. I had this gorgeous skirt from NewDress in mind for some time and it fitted perfectly for Julieta’s anniversary. Fucsia and delicate, it actually looks even prettier in reality, I just didn’t have time to make a professional daylight shooting with it, but you know what? It couldn’t have been a better place than Senneville pastry, to pose this outfit and celebrate Juli, surrounded by all sorts of cakes and pastel colours. I wanted to keep the look strictly elegant this time, so I choose this sheer black shirt from Zara and a black cape as well as some gorgeous chandelier black earrings.

Julieta looked like a cake herself, and without noticing I’ve ordered a piece of cake that matched her outfit perfect: Strawberry cake, pink and delicate like her! It’s the first time she drank from a straw and from the cup, strawberry shake, and she just loved it!

These earrings required an updo, so I went with a very-easy-to-make but gorgeous hairstyle. You actually can do it in less than a minute so it’s my first choice when being in a hurry, but not only! I might make a tutorial to show how it’s done, for you guys.

As for the makeup, I think red is one of the colours that is really underrated, especially for a coloured smokey. I’ve see all sorts of smokey: brown, blue or even green, but red is rarely used. I didn’t have a red eyeshadow, so I used my lipstick. It’s not the only reason, why I choose it, because the lipstick has a very nice liquid look which I was looking to achieve here. Wet makeup look! The next glossy eye makeup I have in mind, is a smokey with navy blue and very light pink lips, mmmmmm it’s so so pretty!

This type of smokey that goes all around the eyes, including the lower lid is one of my favourite because I like the contrast with white skin and blonde hair, although I managed to scare the hell out of my husband! I really think man should only have a look at the final result! They are simply not aware that anything that is in between is not worth considering. You can imagine how this makeup must look in its intermediate stage: dark eyeshadow fallen allover your cheeks. Pretty much Halloween like! He concluded I looked bad with that makeup, I got upset, we had a fight, and it was all due to the intermediate stage makeup. I’m telling you, this thing can ruin your marriage!! :)) but the moment you set your eyes on those cakes, everything else will fade!