Algae with salmon, ginger and garlic


I already told you some time ago that I started my diet for lowering my cholesterol and can’t wait to make my new blood tests and share the results with you. I’ve also promised to come with some delicious recipes with fats and sugar as little as possible. I know it’s hard to find food that will taste good without these ingredients, but not impossible! I try many recipes until I find something that makes me satisfied eating it, because in the end, if it’s only salad leaves, I know I’m never going to keep my diet for a long time. I lost some weight and my husband even more and I know that at some point I’ll have to add some extra calories to stop loosing and maintain it. I still don’t know what should that number be, but till then I’m happy with loosing. I’m aware there are lots of myths about healthy eating, I don’t really trust any, and I don’t like to blindly follow one. I’m truly not even sure if what we eat, really counts all that much, than how much we eat(quality vs quantity question..). I’m still searching for the right diet, that at least works best for me and my husband, I don’t even like to call it a diet, I hope I could be able transform it into a lifestyle, if good results will follow. But in the near future I’m going to make a special post about my ideas about healthy eating and all of the things related to it.

So, for now, I’d like to show you, of course my delicious algae with salmon, ginger and garlic recipe. To make this recipes you need the following:

• one pack of dried algae, washed and hydrated for 1h in water
• 2 grated carrots
• 0.5pounds(200g) of salmon meat fillet(I cooked a piece of whole salmon and separated the meat)
• 4 garlic cloves finely chopped
• a plum sized piece of ginger finely chopped
• 1 tbs extra virgin olive oil/serving
• 1 tbs of sesame seeds
• half of bunch of parsley leaves finely chopped
lemon juice(as much as you like)
• salt, pepper

Boil the algae and the grated carrots in water with a tsp of salt. Meanwhile cook the salmon in the oven for 30min. I always like to cook the fish in the oven, as it is, on a backing paper, without anything added, just a little salt. If you cook a piece of a whole salmon, separate the meat.



Finely Chop the garlic and the ginger.


When the algae is done, drain them,


..then add the pieces of salmon, the chopped ginger, garlic and parsley, lemon juice, 1 tbs sesame seeds, salt and pepper. Add 1 tbs of olive oil/ serving, this should make 4 servings, so 4 tbs of olive oil, I think it’s fine. Enjoy a large, hot serving of this meal!