Autumn fun

Harvesting grapes and making grapes juice for the wine, chilly breakfasts on our lovely terrace, a walk in the woods to harvest wild mushrooms and sunbathing in a sunny warm days of October…this things remind me of autumn. This year besides making the traditional grapes juice from all the grapes variety, we were interested in trying the juice from one certain type: Alwood hybrid grapes, these are black-blue grapes with an intense aroma, and their scent can be sensed from far away. The Alwood are one of my favorite grapes for eating, and my top favorite for juice, it is just divine, nothing compares to it! Generally I’m not a big fan of the table grapes, they are too sweet, I like more hybrid types… usually black …with intense aroma, yes the Alwood grapes haha. We made sure to save some for the winter holidays in the freezer!

We enjoyed the incredible smell the woods have in autumn from the falling leaves and searched for wild mushrooms. It was the second day after a rain, it was sunny, and we were supposed to find some mushrooms. We found only one type of comestible mushroom, but as we never tried it, we decided not to harvest it. Later we found it is one of the most delicious mushrooms – “Macrolepiota procera”, next time we are not going to miss it! We met 5 boar cubs searching for mushrooms, just like us 🙂 We ended the day with a picnic on a pasture eating strudli and yoghurt.

Our autumn holiday ended with some great sunny days, just perfect for sunbathing, eating pudding, listening to music and dancing.