Avocado, cucumber and pomegranate salad


This time of the year – the whole month on December – is full of events for me, I was very busy searching for presents but I also enjoyed every moment. One of these days was also my sweetheart’s birthday. He’s not much of the presents guy and he’s also not very excited about being in the spotlight, but with the food I never go wrong. He mentioned he doesn’t want his cake to be an experiment this time and that he would be very happy with just a simple chocolate cake. This being said, anything sweet – like my regular oatmeal recipes habit I’ve had lately, that would cut our appetite for cake later, was out of the question for breakfast. The good news is I have a new version for my popular best chocolate cake recipe now, that I’m gonna share it with you soon. For now I have this delicious, healthy and also a diet recipe, I’ve made with pomegranates. I always loved these fruits, but I didn’t know that pomegranates could be such an important ingredient for salads, not until I’ve made it so many times now, for my diet. I can assure you, now, that this fruit with its slight sweet taste, gives a very good balance to a sour or vapid salad. Many times I would make a salad without it, even if it’s a good one, I still think the pomegranate would make it perfect.


The secret of this salad lies in the pomegranate, of course, but also in the small pieces of all the ingredients. The ingredients you need for 2 servings:

• a big bunch of parsley finely chopped
• 2 small cucumbers cut in small pieces
• 1 tomato(I used a little tomato juice)
• an avocado cut into small pieces
• 2 green onions cut in small pieces
• a pomegranate
• 1 tbs of olive oil
• freshly grated pepper
• salt

Mix all above and serve with wholegrain toast.


What would you say if I told you that I got a present from Santa, yesterday? For Eastern Europeans, Santa comes twice in December, first time being on the night of Saint Nicholas day. Usually I would get all sorts of sweets that Santa knows I love, but this time I was very happy that he respected my diet and instead I found my shoes filled with my favorite coconut body butter from BodyShop, 3 jade elephants and 8 topaz stones. Ain’t that sweet?