Baked sweet potatoes with parmesan


This is the only recipe I’ve done with sweet potatoes. This is because we liked it a lot, so every time I thought about cooking sweet potatoes, this simple and delicious recipe came right away in my mind. I hope you will fall in love with it too, because it’s so simple to make and sweet potatoes are so healthy with lots and lots of fibers. Before trying them, I thought they are similar to potatoes, only that, these are sweet, but I can tell you now, for sure, that these are totally 2 different things 🙂

For 2 persons you need
• one big sweet potato
• parmesan curls( works well with any other hard cheese)
• olive oil
• dried vegetables
• salt
• pepper

Start by peeling the potatoes. I think you can use them with the skin on, but I didn’t try it. Wash and drain it. Cut it like the french fries. Cover a tray with baking paper. Place them in the tray, add olive oil and salt, then mix them well, so that the oil covers all potato pieces. Set to the oven at 446 F(230 C) for 25 min. BUT!!!
Make sure you turn them over every 10 minutes, especially you must pay attention in the last 15 min, as they can burn very easily! So keep an eye on them before they are almost done. When there are no more then 2 minutes left, sprinkle dried veggies over them. The photo shows a different thing, don’t repeat my mistake of adding them from the beginning, the dried veggies really get burn easily! 2 minutes are enough! When they are done, grate parmesan curls(with a vegetable peeler) and fresh pepper.
I know a Good appetite would be appropriate, but it’s time for Sweet dreams now, dears! So kisses and see you all tomorrow!