Best ice cream!…but no fats and no sugar?


I have long been waiting to tell you this little treasure-recipe my sister told me about some time ago. Ever since she did, there isn’t one day that passes by without eating at least one large cup of ice cream. It’s like a drug to me, I am simply mad about it! This ice cream is the reason I won’t need any other super sweet and fatty ice creams ever. Yes, girls! Be prepared, because from now on we have all the right to eat ice cream, no one can judge us! I mean they will, for a few days, until they will get used to the fact that it’s so natural and healthy. Just like my husband did! For a week or so we would have the same conversation over and over again:”Me: Let’s eat ice cream!, Him: Honey, aren’t we eating too much sugar?, Me: It’s only a banana!!!??!!” Only a banana?!? Yes! It’s only the simple, magic trick of a frozen banana, and it’s so creamy, so flavored, so refreshing, like best ice cream ever. You can’t replace it with other fruits, it won’t work if you want something creamy, bananas have something special in their texture, that tricks you into thinking you are eating cream. People are getting crazy about it on the diet recipes blogs, and no wonder they are! You can combine it with so many other ingredients and have the flavor you like best.

So, it goes something like this(for 2 servings):
• a day before, put a plate with 2 bananas, peeled and sliced into the freezer
• next day, throw them into the blender
• add as little milk as you can(like half a cup), if you add too much, it will be too liquid, if you add too little it won’t blend, so you find the right quantity.
• blend, stop once in a while and push the unblended bananas to the bottom then blend again. Repeat until it’s well blended!

In this process you can add:
• 1 tbs of peanut butter or almond butter, if you like the nutty flavor. This is my favorite!
• 4 tsp of cocoa or carob for chocolate flavor
vanilla essence..
• you can replace cow’s milk with coconut milk and also you can add some coconut flakes. I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s on my list!
• I have also tried adding frozen strawberries, it was good, but it destroys some of the creaminess, it gets a little more watery.
… or the original, simple banana flavor 🙂

Have a lovely week! May God bless us all girls, and may God bless BANANAS!!!

Sorry for the photos, my ice cream has melted slightly during the photo shooting! Yours should be firmer.