Black cape


Cape, bag – Zara
Shirt – Niffty
Leggings – BSB
Boots – Musette
Glasses – Mango
Gloves – Accessorize

Today I feel so different, like I’m able to do anything. It’s the first time in a long time that I was able to sleep and wake up at a reasonable hour. I have so many plans for today, that includes writing this post as well and I think I’ll continue with cooking an apple pie. I love carbs lately and I think I also need them a little more now. I tried eating chocolate but it’s not that appealing for me now, despite of how much I used to adore it, I have times when I find it disgusting. So apple pie it will be!

I don’t buy lots of cloths as I used to, I prefer to have a few that I like very much. Last evening I sorted out my jewelleries, and just as with the clothes I realised that more than half of them I wouldn’t buy them again. When I’ve finished I had a look over the pile of the rejected jewelleries and I was like: What was I thinking?!! I wonder if I’ll ask myself the same question about the things that I now consider worth of buying. I really hope this means I refined my taste and not that I had enough of them! I spotted this wool black cape from Zara before the sales started after holidays and I was lucky to get the last piece with discount. It’s a very elegant piece of clothing and I like to wear it with long gloves. I still haven’t found the perfect pair of black, slim, leather long gloves to match it with, but until then I think this pair from Accessorize is a good replacement. Eyeliner and red lips is what I considered appropriate to wear with this outfit. Guys, I’m really really hungry and I’m getting dizzy now, so I think it’s time for an apple pie! I’ll keep you posted on my instagram account!