Blue dress and red roses


Blue dress from Sheinside

Saturday was a perfect day for walking in my city and I decided to get the most out of it. Since I received this gorgeous dress from Sheinside I couldn’t help wearing it from noon till evening. It is the kind of dress that once you put it on, you fell in love with it, so no wonder that these dresses with this interesting print are so popular now! You can find them on blue and black, and to be honest I had a hard time choosing between the two, but as I told you in my previous post that I received, as a gift from my husband, a new red clutch, I’ve decided on the blue one, since red and blue work so good together, am I right? So as I had to wear it all day, as we went for a walk to smell all the blooming trees in the parks and we also went shopping(can’t wait to show you my new gorgeous red shoes) afterwards, etc.. besides the evening look that I’ve decided to show you with this dress, I also wanted to show you my day outfit…the one that I wore in the real life 🙂 At the same time I had to wear my sunglasses for protection from the sun but also because my makeup might have looked to others a little too much for the day, and I preferred to have a relaxed walk… I don’t really agree with this rule of an makeup being too much..maybe too bad/not right, but not too much, I think that something that looks good, is always right, and a well done makeup will always look appropriate. I’m glad that makeup is slowly seen by experts as somehow a part of you, and not as an “accessory”. It’s like I never understood tanned skin vs fair skin or blond vs brunette or red. This is something that should be regarded as what you are and what looks good for you, not something that you should be or what you should look like according to a trend or time of the day. This is why I’ll never be a brunet just because it’s fashionable and I’m surely never going to burn my skin and age it prematurely, ever again! I did it in the past and I’ve seen the effects they had on my skin, not to mention the cancer risks. So from no on, you’ll never see me somewhat else but “wearing” a hydrated, healthy and white as snow skin, this is what I am and this is what I’ll always wear. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate tanned skin, but for the ones that are naturally born with a skin that is a little “tanning friendly”, or at least for the ones that achieve it by other non invasive means, like the tanning moisturizers. As you might have noticed, even cloths and accessorize are somehow blending nowadays, you can see sequins or an outstanding jewelry(like those huge, gorgeous, shiny, beaded necklaces), worn during the day, or a simple look during the evening, this is probably because peoples lives have changed so much in last decades, we’ve become busier and that’s reflected in our clothing also, at least when it comes to me, there are many days when I walk out the door in the morning and I only come home in the evening, so that is making it a little hard to change clothing. I usually change shoes, purses or accessories(something that you can easily take of/put on in the care haha..I sometimes, even, change my cloths in the car, but not that often) to transform my outfit during one day, but I don’t often have the time to change makeup and clothing all the way.

Evening outfit:
Blue dress – SheInside
Heels – Steve Madden
Red clutch – Musette













Day outfit:
Blue dress – SheInside
Sneakers – Steve Madden
Black studded bag – Berska













Blue dress from Sheinside