Bohême Délices

Time is flying, and we celebrated Juli for her 2 years and 3 months anniversary! This is why we take advantage of her day to celebrate her, each month. Anyway we love food, and I especially love sweets and I also thought it would be super cute to choose a pastry to celebrate her. We found this place Bohême Délices, which was really cute, almost like a cupcake itself, with absolutely delicious cakes.

Juli wore an adorable baby blue, lace ,vintage dress, I bought from Etsy, together with other super cute items for me and my girls. I intended to purchase this dress for Rosa, together with some vintage shoes in the same shade, but I gave up on them since I considered they were too expensive for a second hand item. I still have them in my shopping bag, though.. I couldn’t get over them. I thought Rosa would look adorable wearing these together!

I think everything matched perfectly with the place, especially Juli’s adorable dress! If you guys want to shop some other(because these are unique vintage items) vintage items, I will leave the link below with the shop.

Juli’s baby blue dress from Etsy/span>

I choose a pink smoky eye makeup and brick-red lips. As for my hair, I intended to make more of a vintage tight curls this time.

I also started the vlog series on my youtube chanel, you can watch the one related to this post here: