Chanel style matching outfits

Jun Miyake – Lillies Of The Valley

Yesterday, Rosa turned one month and I choose to make her a shooting wearing angel wings. Very adorable! But she is growing and it’s getting harder and harder to pose her!

I wore an inspired Chanel style outfit and Julieta’s outfit was something similar to mine, a sort of a matching outfit. Juli is so cute right now, she says so many funny things. When I told her our outfits are Chanel style inspired, she responded: “┼×unel” :)))

For my hair I choose a sided French braid. To achieve this look I’ve used a lot of Batiste dry shampoo on roots, for lots of volume and what I also love about it for my fair blonde hair, is that it also lightens it up a little bit.

For my makeup I wanted to have something simple, quick and refreshing! For this I’ve used Urban Decay’s Cosmic eyeshadow on lid, a caramel mate shade for the crease and nude lips.