Chocolate, peach and walnuts..interested?

You’ve got it right! It’s a chocolate chips and walnuts batter cookie with peaches. I remembered I’ve made this recipe a long long time ago, I didn’t remember the recipe, I just remembered it was so good, so I started searching through my files and books and magazine’s and finally I found it in one of my old notebooks with recipes. It’s so easy to make, and everyone will love it!

Note: For the first time I’ve introduced the American cups measurement to make it easier for everybody. So for eg. 250g flour is 2 cups.


-250g/2cups of flour
-3 eggs
-225g/1.8 cups of sugar(I only used 150g/1.2cups because I don’t like it too sweet)
-250g/1.1 cups butter
-100g/0.5 cups chocolate chips or use a mixer with knifes
-baking powder
-400g peaches(fresh or canned)
-rum essence
-vanilla essence
-3 tablespoon grated walnuts or almonds(Actually I used apricot seeds, because this is what I had, they taste like almonds and I would say it was even yummier)

Mix the butter with the sugar until it gets fluffy, add the beaten eggs a little at a time. I don’t know this part never works for me haha, I always get something like a cut mayonnaise, but it doesn’t do anything bad to the cake..I just think it should be like a mayonnaise. Maybe I should add the butter to the makes more sense although the recipes is as described so don’t worry if it cuts, it’s still ok. The butter and the eggs should be at room temperature, if you take them from the fridge put the butter for a few seconds in microwave and the eggs in lukewarm water and it should be fine. I at least always forget to take the eggs and butter out of the fridge a few hours’s always a last minute I should comply to the situation. Add the rest of the ingredients except for the peaches. You can use chocolate chips or a mixer that cuts, one with knifes, so it will cut the chocolate in pieces, they don’t have to be very small, and don’t melt it it’s better to have it in pieces. Use an aprox 35cm/14inch x 24cm/9inch tray. Add half of the batter in the tray covered with baking paper and greased with oil or butter. Add thin slices of peeled peaches over then the second half of batter. Set in the oven for 40minutes at 170 C/338 F(medium heat) or until the toothpick test turns out ok. Have a lovely Sunday!