DIY – how to make your own flower crown


As I promised you guys in the previous post, I’ll show you now how I’ve made my flower crown. Ever since Lana Del Rey wore these gorgeous flower crowns, they started becoming very popular amongst fashionistats 🙂 I know these are not for everyone to wear, I personally like to wear extravagant outfits and accessories, but if you feel it’s too much for you, you can make it simpler or smaller 🙂 These flower crowns are rare to find and when you find them at the stores they have huge prices. Why? Because it’s their time to shine! I once searched over the internet for some crowns, but I only found them for like 100$ ..I found it so exaggerated for a plastic flower crown …but happily there are cheaper alternatives!
So how to make your own flower crown or how to transform a cheap artificial flower bouquet in an astonishing flower crown? All you need is:
• artificial flowers or an artificial flower bouquet
• a headband(not made out of plastic as mine if you’d like to use the hot glue, use one made out of fabric. I never worked with hot glue husband had warned me the flowers won’t stick for long..but I was hurrying so I didn’t have a choice at that moment. So use a headband covered with fabric!)
• hot glue or wires
• scissors


If you have plastic flowers you’re good to go, otherwise cut them from a flower bouquet. Use the hot glue to attache them to the headband..and you’re done. Too simple isn’t it? And I’m pretty sure I won’t resign on wearing only this one, at least one more crown with white peonies is on my to do list..when I’ll find those flowers! Don’t forget about the giveaway guys! You can win a clothing item at your choice 40$ worth, following the steps presented in the post with the blue lace one piece: