Easter – Resurrection night

For the Easter – Resurrection night(I don’t know if this is correct in En) we went to the church together with our parents. It started raining when we arrived(my hair got so frizzy!!!), and me and Radu went back home to take the umbrellas. I found it very strange that no one was singing, as usual, when we surrounded 3 times the church, and I though that maybe it’s because of the rain :)) After the ceremony was over I suggested we should all gather and eat Easter goodies. I seams I was the only one hungry, I haven’t eaten almost anything besides some fruits. I didn’t know the Easter food is not supposed to be eaten until the next day when the food has been sanctified at the morning ceremony. We always ate the food after the night ceremony. I was too hungry to resist 😀 We stayed until 3 o’clock, talking. I loved this Easter, we gathered each day to celebrate it. I didn’t prepare for this bad weather, it was so hard to choose the clothes, it’s clear I wanted something for the spring! So I combined Spring cloths with bad weather cloths. I think pink looks pretty good with black 🙂

pink coat – Motivi
pink dress – Zara
black bow belt – H&M
I don’t have pictures with the entire outfit but it’s simple:
black stockings
black heels

pink bow for the hair
Pearl necklace
floral ring(looove it!) – Accessorize
bag – Lollipops

My makeup:
neutral shades for the eyes and neon pink lips. Coral red nail polish