Eggplant, zucchini, tomato, basil pasta


Mediterranean food is my favorite, so you’ll have the chance to see lots of these kind of recipes here on my blog. But it’s best to prepare the food at home, it’s the only way you can be sure you eat ..what you think you eat, the ingredients might sound good at restaurants, but their proportions might not be the same in all cases. Mediterranean food in US for eg. is usually transformed into highly caloric(with lots of fats) and salty meals.

I always try to cook with ingredients available in the markets in that specific period of year, it’s cheaper and the fruits and veggies meet their best quality and taste, then, and there is a greater chance to find them organic also. It might be important to purchase organic ingredients for you recipes but it’s equally or even more important how you prepare them. If you fry the garlic till it gets brown then no organic garlic could ever make you benefit from it in any way!

So, first I need to tell you I found some interesting pasta at the supermarket, it’s some kind of German type of fluffy(after cooking) pasta called spatzle, it’s made with whole grain semolina. I always try to buy pasta made from whole grains or corn, to benefit from the proteins, vit and minerals also, not just the carbs.

For 2 portions all you need is:
• 200-250g pasta
• half a medium sized zucchini
• half a medium sized eggplant
• 2 large tomatoes
• 6 garlic cloves
• fresh basil leafs
virgin olive oil
• freshly grated Parmesan cheese or other type of hard cheese(I used a similar cheese: Romanian goat hard cheese purchased from the local market)
• salt, pepper

I start by cooking the veggies, first fry at the lowest heat possible the chopped garlic, mixing it at the same time, leave it only for a few sec, remember the advise I told you about and don’t let it change it’s color, the taste will be equally good anyways. Transfer the fried garlic to a plate, add 4 tbs of olive oil and the zucchini and eggplant slim, round slices, it doesn’t matter if they are big, just make them slim. Add some salt and stir from time to time, and cook with the cover on. It might look that it will never cook, but the veggies will let their juices eventually, so don’t add water or more oil.



Now make the pasta. I usually cook the pasta till it’s done, I don’t like it al dente, but you might wanna make it that way if you’re on diet. After splashing it with cold water and straining it, I add 3 tbs of virgin olive oil, a little salt and freshly grated pepper. This is the way I prepare pasta all the time, changing only the type of oil sometimes. Place the pasta on the plates.


When it’s half done add round slices of tomatoes and cook without the cover after the veggies have left their juice, to let it evaporate. When they are completely done, mix in the garlic.



Add the veggies on top of pasta, sprinkle hard cheese on top(I prefer the hard goat cheese because it has low quantities of fats), freshly grated pepper and chopped basil leafs and if you like it fattier now’s the right time o add more virgin oils(so you have it uncooked), but don’t exaggerate, it might be healthy but oils are highly caloric! Ok, I know I’ve made your thoughts all mixed up now.. so add goat cheese because it has less fat then other animal cheese, but add more virgin oils? So let me tell you more from what I know about fats in my next post.

Have a lovely weekend my dears!