Elderflower juice


Taking long walks in the city, in this time of the year, once in a while I feel trapped, yearningly smelling the flowery scented air near an elderflower blossomed bush. And then I wait a little longer, feeling like taking it all home with me. I start stretching to reach every single blooming flower and after gathering like half a bag, I’m taking a satisfying smile. At home I’m not placing these flowers in a vase to have them admire latter on but sinking them in a large pot full of water! Yes, you’ve got it! I’m making the juice from the elderflower flowers! It’s kind of a custom in our country to make this type of juice whilst in other countries the fruits are the ones harvested. I’ve never tried to make the juice from the fruits, even though I have this in mind for the future, but I can tell you for sure that the juice made from it’s flowers it’s as satisfying like the smell itself and even more 🙂 So don’t let the blossom of elderflower withering right past by you, this year too! It’s so simple to make the juice, all you need are few ingredients and a little patience.

You need:
• half a bag of elderflower flowers
• 1.3 gal(170 oz) or 5 l of water
• 3/4 cups or 150g of sugar
• juice from 2 lemons

Sink the flowers in water. Let them stay like this for 2 days. Filter the water. Now the next step is my addition, the original recipe doesn’t have the boiling part, but I’m used to boil the juice just to make sure I kill all bacteria, and believe me there are quite a lot of them in there! After boiling, let it cool. Add the sugar and the lemon juice and mix well. Set to the fridge. For a more refreshing taste drink with ice cubs!