Electrocautery mole removal

I waited for the right moment to write this post about mole removal, since I had to wait some time for the skin to heal. It didn’t completely yet, but it’s barely noticeable. I suppose many people are only aware, just as I was, of the surgical knife removal, but this method leaves behind uglier scars, at least this is what happened to me a long time ago when I had some bigger moles removed this way. Back then I didn’t know about electrocautery mole removal, and my dermatologist recommended some of the stranger looking moles to have them removed.
For me there were several reasons for having them removed all over my body. First of all some stranger looking ones, that are bigger, not regular in shape and colour, are better to be removed since they have the potential of turning into malignant moles. Another reason is that those that are not flat can get bruised easier. It happened that I scratched them during the night or by mistake and it’s not only that it hurts but it can be dangerous as well. And, of course, there is the aesthetic part of the story. The skin on the face, neck and back looks definitely cleaner without moles. Note that note all the moles can be removed, if they are really flat it’s not possible since it would create a hole in the skin, also some type of moles that look too strange are dangerous to be removed. I’ll add some comparison pictures with the moles, pictures with skin right after removal and how skin healed 7 months after removal.
Moles from the chest:




Moles from abdomen:




This mole from the back is probably my worst looking, but in reality it still looks ok. You can see another scar to the left which has been removed with surgical knife a long time ago. Even though it might look that it’s less noticeable, in fact it’s more prominent than the one removed by electrocautery from the right. Some of the moles may look worse since they might have been flatter than they are supposed to be for removal, but still I insisted to have them removed..




Another mole from the back that was strange looking, healed really good:




I also had some on my neck and face, but the ones I’ve added were the biggest. Overall I’m happy about this procedure which only brings benefits both to health and beauty!

You can see how electrocautery is done, in this youtube video: