Fall leaves sleek look


The xx – Intro

Radu recommended this song for me these days and since I miss him so much, I love listening to it and of course sharing it with you, it is also very relaxing music.

Shirt – Zara
Pants – Goldenpoint
Shoes, bag – Musette

My dear husband and photographer Radu is out of town, he is attending MWC in Barcelona, so obviously I can’t make any recent outfit posts, but I have so many shootings that I haven’t shared with you, and it would be a pity not to. Like this shooting from last autumn. I know that it’s almost Spring here(although it’s also almost Autumn elsewhere) but I think adding a coat would make a perfect look for this season as well, plus I loved this shooting so much, there’s something so special about fall colours in background, since it’s so unexpected.

What I personally love about this look is the sleek(I don’t know if you can say so about looks, but this term came into my mind first when looking at these photos) appearance. So cool! Liquid on crisp fall leaves background!

The second thing I love about it, is the subtile fall colours match. At first glance it looks like an all black look, but actually I wore a green shirt and brown shoes.

I choose to make a French braid crown for this fall look.
As a state of mind, I wasn’t very happy that day(I don’t know if you can tell from the photos..I think not), probably this is the reason I didn’t post the photos and I didn’t like them, back then. I very rarely post an outfit when I’m not happy, even if I like how it came out. It’s so strange…I think it has to pass some time in order to get over it and accept them, since it’s a constant reminder of that state and who wants that? Haha :)) But I now am happy and I see them differently. It’s all about perspective..