shirt – Pull and bear
Dress – Zara
Jacket – Stradivarius
Bag – Terranova
Heels – Jeffrey Campbell
Glasses – Zero UV

We are young, we run free
Stay up late, we don’t sleep
Got our friends, got the night
We’ll be alright

When I’ve made this outfit, I had in mind something that would match a fast-food, don’t ask me: What is that suppose to mean? Radu did the same, but I have no clear answer to that, it’s just that when I look at this outfit, fast-food comes into my mind. It was supposed to be a shooting at McDonalds, but it rained and I couldn’t imagine sitting alone, outside, at a wet table, eating my the rain :)) My hair got frizzy already when I was rushing through the rain to buy my McDonalds menu. I gave up on the idea of shooting for this outfit, but when I returned to the car it stopped raining..

I hope you like this outfit, I personally felt very good wearing it, it reminded me of my teenage years 🙂 I also love the color match between the blue glasses and magenta lipstick 🙂 haha magenta!! really, how else can I call it? That’s all guys! Soon I’ll be spending a few days at the mountains at a beautiful mansion. I can’t wait to be there, but I’ll let you know more about my trip when I return. Have a lovely week, my dears!