Floral pattern mix


Dress – Pologarage
Jacket – Stradivarius
Backpack, accessories – Accessorize
Sunnies – ZeroUV

I’ve edited my last posts, because I’ve learned that people are so different that things that are said can so easily be misunderstood. I’m not that type of image I’ve probably created to some, I just have this flaw of treating people the same as they do, but I’m working on it, I know it’s not a good one.

Some days ago, because it seems that I always get to be behind of time with most of things I do, due to my little spare time, I had a nice time out with Radu. Believe it or not, it’s the first time we had brunch out together. It was actually intended to be a breakfast, because we love the morning weekends out, but as always, getting ready, for me takes so long. It’s not the process itself, but more choosing the right items. I now remember that joke from “Friends” series when Ross asked Rachel how long it would take her to get ready, and she answered something like: 5 minutes…once I figure out what to wear. I could honestly think for hours of what I’m going to wear that day, or what makeup would do, but I can’t say this was the reason we ended eating so late, because as you can see I had my hair natural, from last day done and the minimal possible makeup. This is how I make it when I want to get out the door really fast: a little contouring for the eyes and a popping color for the lips. I’ve told you that I had just bought a gorgeous neon pink shade from Sephora, it’s R35 Cougar, actually was thinking of a similar one from MAC but it seems that others loved it too and it was out of stock, but this one is almost the same, anyway.


Radu had a favorite place in mind, somewhere in town, where he once had some lovely pancakes without me and he wanted to share it. We picked the worst hour possible, Sunday afternoon, when people get out from church and take the meal somewhere near, right where we also had plans to have it. So, after making like 3 round the square tours, we came to the conclusion that our only hope for a place on the terrace would be to actually waylay one of them. It was us vs 3 other couples, ah can’t believe it even now how bad we are doing these things, they jumped over those places taking them right under our noses. Since I’m not a big gourmand, it’s so strange how I just couldn’t get over the fact that I was not going to have those pancakes that day. I see so clearly now that this is the only reason I was able to wait 1h or so for a pancake, not for the pancake itself but simply for the fact I could not have it. Do I have to mention that half of my portion ended in Radu’s cute belly? Now do I have to also mention that I even felt sorry for eating the other half? It was simply not my favorite type of pancake, too much cheese, so creamy, so sweet. All that I ever asked from my pancake is to have some chocolate. But it’s not the pancake, not the salad or anything else that I like when going out, it’s simply being out there, such an event for me, when all my time is taken, even the one I’m suppose to have relaxing.

And as this isn’t enough, I’m totally confused about my decisions sometimes, of overloading my already overloaded schedule and come with new tasks. New tasks, new worries, new time to fit in, and my first serious posts on Instagram. So if you like to know the world through my eyes, don’t forget to follow. I can’t promise to be very active, but if I have something to share, you’ll be the first to know. I can’t stop to wonder, where will all these end, or do I want it? When will I start living for real?

Let’s not forget about my look: floral patterns mix it’s so cute and very cool at the moment. I can’t think of a better time to wear these floral patterns with a touch of neon pink lips..better than in a Spring, sunny and a lazy Sunday morning. P.S.: Sorry for those socks, I know it’s a no no, but my feet were almost bleeding from the shoes I wore a day before and those were my only relief.