Flowers hair accessory

Flowers hair accessory

Dress – Zara
Cardigan – BSB
Bag – Asos
Sandals – SmiligShoes

Aurel Tamas Cantec pentru mama

BZN – Blue eyes
These two songs were among the playlist at Flora’s Restaurant. One is a cute Romanian Folk about moms. The second reminds me of my babes which both have blue of course I must adore blue eyes and the song! I always try to capture as many memories as possible! Be it photos, videos, fragrance or songs from a certain moment. I’m not sure what I’ll do with them, as usually I don’t have time for memories, but a song is different…it might unexpectedly surprise me some day and I’ll remember that day! Speaking of memories, I received a letter signed by Radu and Juli, with a drawing of me with flowers in hair, which I thought was adorable!!

“A beautiful night
For love at first sight was calling
I looked in your eyes
And I realized
I was falling for you
I know it’s just that look in your eyes

Blue eyes, blue eyes
I’m just aware that I’m falling
Don’t leave me here waiting, hear when I say
Blue eyes, don’t make me feel blue”

1.Foundation – CC Cream Amore Pacific, 104 Tan Blush(find it in Sephora stores in US)
2. Concealer – MAC Pro Longwear, NW 15 applied with Beauty Blender
3. Primed & poreless priming powder
4. Eyebrow conturing powder HIGH BROWN – I used it for conturing the nose and face. Being low colour saturated it’s good for this purpose.
5. Eyeshadow used as highlighter from Yves Rocher in Amande vanille shade. It’s old and probably discontinued, but it’s a simple white frosty eyeshadow, very good for highlighting, which I used on my cheeks, top of the nose, middle forehead and chin and on cupid’s bow. On cupid’s bow I’ve applied the highlighter with the 214 Short Shader Brush from MAC which is very good for this purpose.
6. DIPBROW POMADE in TAUPE from Anastasia Beverly Hills applied with an angled brush. SEPHORA COLLECTION Long-Lasting 12HR Wear Eye Liner in Dark brown, used for eyebrow texturing. And finishing with a hair gel
applied with a brow brush.
7. Boudoire Eyes Shadow Palette from Too Faced: In the Buff for right under the eyebrows for a good contrast with the 214 Short Shader Brush from MAC which is one of my favourite brushes.
8. A baby blue shade from an unknown cheap palette. I didn’t have a high end version of this colour and I often use this palette when so. It’s not the best quality but it’s not bad either, and when you need a colour, you need a colour! I’ve applied it on the lid, on the upper half.
9. Eyelashes – Ardell 113 glued with Ardell adhesive
10. MAX FACTOR Kohl white pencil for the lower waterline. This one is really good. I’ve tried some at the drugstore and this one was most pigmented.
11. Mascara Colour trend in Cobalt Craze from Avon. I really love Colour trend mascaras from Avon. I also had other more expensive ones from MAC (or others), but these ones are among my favourite…
12. Fine liner from Oriflame in Blue Velvet, it’s a very nice colour, some kind of dusty navy blue, but it’s old…I applied it instead of the eyeliner and I’ve smudged and blended it on the lid on the lower part.
13. Avon – lip liner, nude shade for lips.



I received a gorgeous bouquet with various flowers: roses, calla, orchids and lilies from Radu for 8th of March and I thought it will look amazing if I’d attache them to my hair. I also love flower crowns but this time I wanted something different. They were a little heavy and not very easy to attache, but Radu gave me a little help with this. I also had a peach rose to hold in hand..but I though it is ruining my hair flower accessory so I didn’t hold it in most photos. Julieta also received small roses in the same peachy colour, which I thought was really cute! My flower garland hair accessory caught a lot of attention! It might seem too much at a first glance but for an event I think it works, and people seemed to really really love it.

I have this dress from Zara from 2 years ago but I think I didn’t have the chance to show it to you, although I love it so much. It is tight and it looks awesome on a perfect body..which reminded me I should loose some weight! The white cardigan from BSB is something that I wore over and over again and I recommend such item, it’s very versatile. I wore it on the beach, during the day and on evening outfits as well.

I don’t really use blue eyeshadows usually, because it can easily look cheap, but if you use it properly it’s really cool. My blue eyeshadows matched with the blue flowers on my dress, I know it’s not necessary(and sometimes even not advisable! Especially if you use the same shade of colour more than twice in a look) but there are no rules and for this outfit I think it looks really cute. I have several makeups with blue eyeshadows and liners in mind and I’m looking forward to try them out. I also used white kohl liner for the waterline and I think it looks really good on this makeup, it brightens up my eyes but I have to admit sometimes it has the opposite effect on my eyes, I’m not sure why, probably if my eyes are tired and red it brings out the redness in them. So it seems you have to be well rested, not tired, to look even more rested wearing white kohl on the waterline haha!!

I managed to make my shooting at the last hours with usually, this is one of the reasons I often choose Roses Park for my shootings, because of the extra lighting boost from the white benches. But of course it is a lovely place as well, and this outfit looked amazing with that background.





We had a lovely evening together at Flora Restaurant for 8th of March. Radu choose this place and I love everything about it. We have such great memories there, although I couldn’t help noticing the decreasing quality in their last menu..I wouldn’t say it’s the quality, as everything was delicious(except the dessert which was a good looking, really bad cheese cake!), rather than it was a little too simple for an event, as this. We danced and played with Juli, but she was really tired to start with and we had to leave early!