French fries and ONLY 3% fat!

I am a big fan of french fries, but to be honest I never used to make them at home. The only time I ate french fries was when we were out in town and hungry, that is the only time I allowed myself to have a serving of this delicious food. The reason was because they are so unhealthy, with lots of fats, so I said to myself why should I trouble to use so much oil, make the unpleasant smell in my kitchen, why should I waste my time? All these for an unhealthy meal? I once watched an episode of Dr Oz show, where they presented the ActiFry Fryer from Tefal. They presented it as a magical fryer that would turn your potatoes in crispy, delicious french fries, with only a tbs of oil. As a huge fan of french fries, I was so happy that there is such a product on the market, so I started searching reviews on internet. As they say, you can have your 3% fat french fries and not only, at any time you like and easy to make, plus you get a recipe book with lots of healthy recipes you can make with this fryer. So what’s so magical about it? It has a pallet that spins the food slowly cooking it even, so you get your french fries homogeneously golden and crispy. The only downside is the relative high price, but judging after the healthy benefits, time saving and oil quantities, I’d say it’s a pretty good investment. It runs on electricity, and I’ve seen some people concerned about how much it wastes..but making a simple calculation you only get to spend a maximum of 4.5$ for one month making 1 meal/day. More precisely the fryer’s power is 1000W(1kW)power, the cooking lasts for aprox 1h so you are using 1kW/cooking, the price for 1kW/h(at least in my country) is 0.15$. 0.15$ * 30days equals 4.5$/month. so once again I say it is a good investment for you health. My first recipe was of course the simple french fries, salted, sprinkled with dry yeast flakes that have lots of proteins and many beneficial effects on our health. I served my french fries with mushrooms(salted and greased with little olive oil, then cooked in the microwave for 7 minutes), slices of cheese and a cherry tomatoes salad with green onion, salt and olive oil. It was a very tasty, easy to make and healthy meal! You can watch the movie with the making of my first meal with Tefal Actifry fryer.

Bon appetit, guys!
P.S.: Tefal Actifry is my personal choice, I payed to have it, because I liked it! I’m not affiliated to this brand and this is not a commercial, as for none of the products I’ll be reviewing on my blog!