Having fun in cropland

July 10, 2013 in Fashion


I don’t know what’s happening to me guys, I keep on posting red stuff. I swear I almost dislike this color but still almost all my outfits have red in them.. that’s the strangest thing ever. Actually this is one of the shirts I bought and I don’t recall wearing it, so I said to myself it’s time to take this shirt for a walk in cropland! I wasted half an hour on my hair, after drying, smoothing it and braids and everything were on place, my husband came with the worst news of the day: All my favorite raspberry syrups had started fermenting. I rushed in the cellar and OMG I couldn’t believe my eyes! All the goodies had foam on top :(. Ok let’s test them I said..uh but wait..better do it yourself! Didn’t pass much time and I ended covered with raspberry syrup all over me and my nicely and carefully cared hair. Everything was a mess!! Of course I had do redo my hair, and I have to tell you, because I was rushing to be ready until the sunset I couldn’t make it as nicely as the first version, but it’s still pretty decent. As you can see I’ve applied two colors on my lips: red and fucsia, I saw this in a magazine, and I really liked it. It might look a little strange but it’s something different…kind of a modern geisha style.

Skirt – H&M
Shirt – Stradivarius
Flats – Bata