I love picnics – Soimos Stronghold

My birthday is coming soon and if I’d choose to do something that would make me happy, that would be a picnic all day long because I love nature and anything related to it. Last year we had a great time at Cetatea Soimos, a stronghold on a steep hill, with an incredible view, it’s such a calming place..can’t describe the feeling. It’s late… 2 AM, tomorrow I’m leaving to spend the Easter with our parents, so I don’t have the time for details :D…but the photos are worth a thousand words. One thing is sure…this time the place it’s not going to be as impressive as last year ..cos it can’t, but it’s not all about the place, it will be nature and it’ll be fun, we are going to see a blue cave and after that a picniiiiic! Yeepeeee! if the weather is good, otherwise I don’t have a clue, really!

A beautiful rapeseed field on the way:

We visited an old basilica, Basilica Maria from Radna with an interesting cemetery:

A corridor with photos and paintings telling some stories about people’s deaths from that region…if I remember correctly

Photos from the cemetery behind the basilica:

Climbing on the hill where the stronghold Soimos lies:

ahh such a hard climbing..very dangerous too!!! too bad I was smiling in the photo :))

…but the climbing was not easy as it was a steep hill and we didn’t have the physical condition. We didn’t see the stronghold until the very end, and after climbing for a while Radu was kind of making fun of me. He told me we were climbing on the wrong heel :)) and we need to descend and climb on another one!!! Can’t believe I believed him!

…and the picnic 😀

While we were eating I saw a night moth on the blanket, I’m so afraid of those! and I started running barefoot on the land full of sheep poop :)))…yes there were lots of sheep and therefore lots of sheep poop :)) that’s the bad part

Photo shooting at the beautiful place:

…with Spider-Man

Wish you all a happy Easter and a wonderful spring! Muuuuah }{