Kaputas, Myra – Demre and Patara

The night we arrived in Oludeniz from Pamukkale we had to check in at Sultan Motel, a very pleasant place up on a hill with a view over the beach from the Turkish style terrace. It was 2AM, we were searching for the owners of the place to give us the keys of our room. This place was set in a natural surrounding near a pine forest. We suddenly heard a noise like it came from a pig, that really scarred us! We made some noise talking.. I guess, and a tourist overheard us from his bungalow, he was so nice that he gave as the directions on how to find the owners at that late hour. The next day was our first day at the beach in Turkey. I was so excited about it! We planned to first go to Kaputas beach in the morning, then in the noon, as it was so hot, we could visit the Myra tombs from Demre and in the evening we should have bathed in Patara beach, but the trip from the hotel lasted a little more than we thought, it got too hot to stay in the sun, so we headed straight to Myra tombs, letting the 2 near beaches, both for the evening!
Myra Tombs was not really worth it, in my opinion, mainly because, on the beautiful road trip to these places we saw many other tourist-free places where there were such tombs along the road, almost as many as those in Demre..but for free haha. There was also a Roman theatre, but planning to visit the ruins in Ephesus later, there was no need to see this one, the Ephesus ruins being the most well preserved Roman ruins in Turkey. But no problem, this is what a traveler should do: visit 🙂 and really at 40 degrees C there is not much you can do at the beach.
Myra tombs and the Roman theatre

Kaputas, the beach featured on Lonely Planet’s about Turkey cover, would have been nice, but it’s so touristy that you can’t enjoy your stay there. Near this beach we saw a similar one but smaller and almost empty..I regret not having stayed there, next time I surely won’t search for how famous a beach is, in the end it’s not what matters!

Patara was over my expectations, it’s so wild, so charming with the mountains in the background, and it’s so big that no matter how many people are there, it can’t get full, you’ll still enjoy some space, in fact it’s the biggest sand beach in Europe, and it’s got an amazing sunset! The beach is opened until 8 o’clock, because the loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) come to lay their eggs, there, at night. There is also a parking place near the beach and it looked safe.