Kefalonia Part I

Kefalonia was our family trip from last fall and was our first trip outside the country with both kids. We choose to visit Kefalonia, since we wanted a place as close as possible to be reached by car, with lovely beaches. We visited Greece several times and after doing some research on Greece’s islands, I considered that Kefalonia was the following best choice for us, after Corfu and Lefkada. There were lots of questions we had in mind before leaving, since we wanted to enjoy this trip while dealing with our daughter’s schedule as well. I basically planned a lot of things before leaving, to make things easier there, like making all the outfits(multiplied by 3) , preparing some purees for the baby and of course the visiting plan, which has been modified a bit during the trip since not everything could have been going according to what we’ve planned. After a couple of days we had a certain routine and our girl’s sleeping plan had shaped really well on the holiday “fun schedule” during the day. We extended our trip with a couple of days since there were some beaches I still wanted to see and the weather was really perfect until the last day of our stay, considering it was October already. We were really lucky about this and the fact that my girls were doing fine with a very active program, they both loved to spend time on the beach in the morning and once we got into the car they almost instantly would fall asleep while we were driving to the next site. So some times we would not even return to the guest house until the evening. We choose to stay in two different places since the island is really big and we wanted to visit several parts of the island. This is the first part of the trip where we’ve visited the Lixouri part of the island, mostly with lovely red sand beaches.

You can watch the daily vlog from these days below

On the ferry from Kyllini to Poros port of Kefalonia. We enjoyed this ferry trip a lot, even after 11 hours of driving to Greece.

And the first thing to do when we arrived on the island was actually was not to rest but to go straight on the beach since we preferred a good night sleep. This was the lovely Mounda beach.

The Bella Vista lovely apartments was we spent the following 3 days. Everything was comfortable and we also enjoyed the pool.

Next day, in the morning we headed to Mania red sand beach of Lixouri…

..but Juli was really upset about the algae on the beach and we exchanged it for Koutala beach which was only reachable by going through a short portion of shallow waters. But this was really worth-it, the beach was so clean and the water so warm. We had swum a little bit and had fun on the beach with the girls, until they were really exhausted!

We had lunch at Captain Nikolas Taverna, a plate with a variety of delicious seafood! This was such a calming, beautiful and secluded place!

Pool time at Bella Vista Studios, a little cold, but perfect otherwise.

Next day morning was cold and rainy but we still wanted to go on the beach, so we choose Agia Eleni, one of the best beaches on the island. Such a pity we couldn’t spend more time in there.

Petani beach only from above. We visited this place another day for a dinner on the beach with a stunning sunset view.

The weather changed completely once we arrived on Myrtos beach, which is considered the best beach on the island and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The water is really crystal clear, with a perfect turquoise shade, although I prefer sand beaches since they are more comfortable.

We left in the evening from Myrtos beach and the sunset from above was really incredible!

We wanted to go to Asos, the most picturesque town on the island but on the way we decided to go there on another day since it was already dark, so we returned after capturing some sunsets shoots from above.

Enjoying our breakfast in this lovely start of day in Lixouri.

Choosing the beach to spend the day is not always easy!

..and finally we choose the famous red sand Xi beach. This is similar to Koutala beach we’ve been to two days before, just more touristy! We had this amazing sky with dramatic clouds, perfect for gorgeous shots.

Finally I had to try the clay mask made straight from the high rocks near the beach.

Lagadakia beach

Lunch at Tis Pareas on this lovely relaxing place from Livadi beach. I just love simple food made well! These recipes were so simple although really fresh and delicious!

We arrived in Asos in the evening again, planning to come another day again. We just wanted to spend our evening on one of its lovely terraces. The greek yoghurt with honey, walnuts and fruits was so delicious!

Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia by night on the way to our next guest house, on the other side of the island. The next part on another post!