Ma’ day

I thought about my outfit for this special day, a day before. I knew I wanted to wear this gorgeous red roses skirt from ChicWish I’ve received as a Christmas gift from my husband…but it just doesn’t look good with almost any of my tops. This skirt it’s so hard to match, but just for my type of body. So I started trying out different outfits and I loved the match with the pink lace top, it was just so see through and I had to choose a cardigan or bolero – it was a beige cardigan, that I’ve purchased a long time ago and I loved it from the beginning, I never wore it as it was too long and it had some strange type of buttons(I don’t know how they are called). So I had to make some significant transformations to this cute cardigan, first I’ve cut it in half :)) then I’ve replaced the ugly buttons with 2 big custom made buttons(made by myself)…and it turned out to be such a cute cardigan, and such a great match for my bonnie red roses skirt. We had some plans for the day, but it turned out differently as we expected. One thing is I’m not used to getting ready fast in the morning, so if I have to go somewhere it’ll probably turn 1pm before I’m ready :))). Now a long time was also wasted(or not) on my hair, I like this type of waves so much, it just takes so long to make them. The hour we got out was perfect for the photos, we’ve arrived in the park for a few shoots, as usual it would have to last like 10-15 minutes, but this time I just didn’t like the preview of the photos on the camera, so this whole photo shooting lasted way too much, probably I had something in mind and it didn’t come out as expected, I wasn’t happy about it, so I ended up with tons of photos..oh but the photos were ok, I don’t know what I had in mind haha. So now my post will include extra photos then usual just so all this stuff was not in vain. But it was not that bad, we laughed so hard cause we had a joke: This day is ma’ day, so whatever makes me unhappy I feel I have all the right to complain and argue and my husband has no right to confront me..cause it’s my day. Oh god I love it! So whenever I didn’t like the a photo it was his fault, he didn’t say a word, he just accepted it was his fault as he’s just not that skilled in this certain domain :))) We actually were a bit late. My love had purchased 2 tickets to the theater, it was “O scrisoare pierduta” kind of presented in a modern way, it was so funny! We missed our lunch at the restaurant so we bought some on the way. It was such a nice evening, and I was in party mood! We didn’t know what place to choose, so we came back home to search for clubs in our city. There was this club called Heaven that I particularly considered, and although we were there a few years ago, we wanted to see some opinions about the place, much could have changed in this time. There was news about a girl in a wheelchair that went to this club a year ago and she was asked to leave, as they considered she would make others feel uncomfortable. I received this news so badly that I decided to never enter that place ever again. We stayed at home and we had our own party! Thank you darling for the lovely evening! Great songs for this night Caro Emerald – A Night Like This and Bon Jovi – Bed Of Roses

What I wear:
my bonnie red rose(skirt) – ChicWish
the boots – ah I don’t recall the brand, it is Italian brand that’s all I remember
pink lace body/blouse – Zara
beige cardigan – old purchase and modified
coat – Motivi

What R is wearing:
both pieces of suite – Zara
shirt – Zara
shoes – Bata

My jewelry: pearl earrings and pearl bracelet with a bow

For my makeup I’ve used golden colors for the eyes and neon-pink lips 🙂 I loved the match with the red skirt.