The gorgeous magnolias have flowers but it’s so cold. It’s been so long since I didn’t go out and this was such a great day, some days are just better than others although they have nothing to offer :)) On our way to Mall we stopped near Alpinet Park, it’s good for the photos because it has many different types of flowers, Bega “river” near, a nice restaurant and even some stones. I’m in love with the white magnolias, they have a great smell, but their petals had fallen almost completely due to the wind and rain but I had this purple magnolias for the photo composition. It started raining shortly after we’ve arrived there so we headed to the Mall. I was looking for some beige heels for my lovely spring-summer dresses. I found only one pair that was close to what I need, but they were not made from leather, I still don’t dare to wear faux leather so I’ll keep searching. There were so many people but this time they looked happier, I think because it was Easter 🙂 I also consider changing my shopping day in Mall to Friday for the same reason, only good things happen on Fridays! My husband gave me the idea to wear these orange boots with long jeans, or long tights…I don’t know why but I always wore them with shorts, I guess it’s because they make me look small, but besides this the match was pretty good. I tried this outfit with the faux leather heels from the Mall and it looked way better 😛 I love my butterfly shirt, too bad it makes me look fat, all those ruffles and the fact that it’s a bit large, ah I can only wear tight shirts or blouses 🙁

Blue jeans – Motivi
Butterfly shirt – Stradivarius
White cardigan – Zara
Orange boots – Benvenuti
Blue Bag – Bata

String with pendant accessory – Pull and bear
Pearl earrings

My makeup has something neutral for the eyes with black and white and coral shade lipstick from Collistar(10 Corallo) – I love it, it’s also a little shimmery, gorgeous color!

R. outfit:
T-shirt – Pull and bear
Shirt – Polo Garage
Jeans – Zara
Sneakers – Bata