Minnie girl

Vest – Zara
Shirt – Zara for man
Skirt – Pull and bear
Over the knee boots – Musette
Bag – Zara
Hat – Choies
Sunnies – Asos(cool glasses but I can’t recommend them since they broke the second time I used them, very bad plastic inside!)

“Daddy I fallen for a monster
Somehow he’s scaring me to death
He’s big and he’s bad
I love him like mad
Mumma he’s the best I ever had
Daddy I fallen for a monster
He got a Black Heart”

Despite the fact that it’s almost mid November, we have such a pleasant warm weather here in Timisoara. We are taking advantage of any spare time to go out for a walk and a quick shooting. This time I had an extra reason, since I was looking forward to test my new baby full frame camera D800E, for the first time. Leaving aside some of the out of focus photos, which are not for it to blame, I can’t believe I lived so much without it! Since my last camera had been partially broken while making photos in the rainy weather of Hawaii tropical forest(I think it was in one of the moments like in the photo below), I considered it is a good moment to exchange it.


I still need to learn its new features, but as a first impression: colours are absolutely wonderful and what I love the most is the “wideness” that a full frame offers compared to the lower level DSLRs. Every time I take a photo I still go like: OMG this really captures everything around. Radu made this choice to purchase a full frame, so he could take more professional looking photos for my outfits for this blog, so obviously I can’t thank him enough for thinking of my needs all the time and of course for being my bearing photographer..I know sometimes it’s so painful 😀

Over the knee boots are very trendy this season, and even though it’s said that they tend to make you look shorter, I think it really matters how you wear them. My first choices are mini or high-waisted skirts or skinny jeans, pants or leggings with medium lenght shirts, or with a long knitted shirt. In fact these are some of the outfits I have in mind for some of my future outfits. Over the knee boots are so how hard to find and I have to say that these are not exactly what I was looking for, but I still love them. I was looking for something tighter on my legs and with stiletto heels and a sharp tip, so something more elegant that would have worked with a evening dress for example. But I often have a bad luck on finding specific clothing items or shoes so I had to accommodate. Leaving this aside these boots work just perfect with more casual looks, like the one I’m wearing in this outfit, combined with a warm vest, perfect for this weather. What I love about this outfit is the fun touch, given by the accessories: the cute Minnie hat and the green reflecting glasses that were matching perfectly with the autumn scenery(this is just for the shooting charm, of course 🙂 I know I look like a little mouse and I love it. It’s fun, cute and chic, and you know what? An old man(70 or something) stopped to tell me that I look good with that mouse hat 🙂 (actually he called it horns :))). I surely wasn’t expecting such an open minded attitude for that age, and leaving aside my “horns”, which makes no difference to this world or to others lives, I think it’s in one own advantage to see things so less judgemental and “unchained”, as hard as it may be sometimes!