Mozzarella, tomato & basil sandwich + avocado, fruity layered shake


I’m always interested in what other people are having for breakfast, so this is the reason for making this post, thinking there might be some of you having the same curiosity as I do. This is a type of sandwich we make this time of the year when basil is plentifully found in our markets. This is a popular sandwich and this is the way I do it:

Mozzarella, tomato & basil sandwich
• toasted whole grain slice of bread
virgin olive oil
mozzarella(I used a Romanian traditional sheep cheese similar in consistency to mozzarella)
• fresh cut basil leafs
• salt & freshly grated pepper


Toast the slices of bread, pour virgine oilve oil(although I like to do this in the end to leave the oil as virgin as possible), add slices of cheese and tomato, and sprinkle fresh cut basil, salt and pepper. Heat in the microwave a few seconds, until cheese starts melting. I served it with Kalamata olives, that are known to have the best oils content, these are black olives, and this is the true color of naturally riped olives, not those really black, huge ones, that have been dyed to receive it.

I tried this shake for the first time in Antsirabe, and I’ve reproduced it for so many times now, with different fruits, but never left out avocado, that gives this shake a distinctive taste!


Avocado & fruits layered shake:
• milk
• 1 avocado
fresh mint leafs(I used basil leafs for the first time and I liked it even more)
• 4 nectarines
• 4 slices of melon
• sugar

Form layers from(starting with the more consistent ones):
• Mixed avocado + a few tbs of milk + mint/basil leafs + 1 tsp sugar
• Mixed nectarines + a few tbs of milk + 1/2 tsp sugar
• Mixed melon + a few tbs of milk

You can change fruits or add more fruits, as you prefer.