Munchen and Salzburg

We spent most of our first day, at Innovation World Cup 2018 from Munchen, where I gave a little help at uRadMonitor Project stand. We’ve tried some of the innovative products at this fair and at last we participated at the ceremony. I intended to play a little with my hair hue. Just a little! First my hair turned too purple so I tried to repair it a little bit with a pink colouring. I tested at the end on a strand of hair and it looked so pretty but after applying it allover, the hue turned out more intense near the roots. So here I am with my blonde, pink ombre hair, in Munchen. Not bad at all, considering I used a lot of red and pink in my outfits. It was not really out of the ordinary in Munchen either, since I’ve noticed that German women, usually tend to wear exotic hair shades as well.

I always get so busy preparing the trips and it’s always so little time for preparing the outfits, unfortunately. So I didn’t have time for styling my outfits before this trip either. I just threw 3 simple outfits without any accessories(except the bags and belts), which I thought would work for this event and a simple walk for sightseeing the city, in my travel bag.

Us busy at the Innovation World Cup 2018

Radu on stage for his speech.

Group photo with all participants.

And here’s us at the after party

I’m always interested in trying the best places to eat or drink(that meet our budget, of course) when we’re travelling. I admit I’m also very picky when choosing such places. I tend to choose places with delicious food but I’m also interested in the decoration just as much. I like to be surrounded by beauty as much as possible! Most of times I choose something with classic french chateau style indoor decoration, this is in top of my preferences and how I’m going to decorate my home as well. I searched and searched but somehow I couldn’t find anything good enough. I was surprised that Luitpold Cafe had only a 3.8/5 rating on Google. Everything was great here: cappuccino, cakes and the waitress was so nice! We spent the evening at this great place with some elaborated desserts and a very strong and delicious cappuccino, which kept me awake for hours after going to bed! Yaay!

Second day went by so fast at the event and we also had some plans for some more sightseeing the city this time.

We strolled around the city for hours and visited some of the places we’ve seen 10 years ago. We also did some shopping for us and the girls. We had in mind to go to Mullersches Volksbad for a bath but I found the water a little too cold for the winter. I was also not very lucky for choosing a cafe or restaurant so after hours of running form one place to another, I just gave up…

Next day we headed to a really beautiful location, somewhere in the mountains, in Austria, but I’ll tell you more, about this stunning location on another post. On our way we stopped to visit Dachau Concentration Camp in cold and rainy weather.

And a short stop in the beautiful Salzburg town. Here we are at Cafe Tomaselli, this is a very old cafe, with nice decorations, where Mozart used to go. We only had some drinks since it was very close to the closing hour, but we couldn’t miss it! So they didn’t serve any cakes, but those in the reviews simply looked delicious.

Finally we got to the cottage in Austria! Can’t wait to post about this stunning place!