Blue Cave trip

My last twenty something year 🙂 I must live it to the most! I can still feel young :))
It was a rainy day my birthday, this ruined all my plans:( and I had to postpone them for another sunny day.
We just went shopping at the Mall, I still liked it 🙂 this is my look for the actual b-day.

For some personal reasons we decided to go to the trip at 9:30 PM a day before, after a long walk, we only had 30 minutes until the supermarkets close, so we rushed out again to get the food for the picnic. I started cooking when we arrived back, late until 1 AM. I wasn’t making any fancy or too much food but it took a while anyway. I choose to make a raspberry cake, since it is pink and raspberries are my favorite fruits. I knew Where I should find it, I also bought some raspberries a week before just to make sure it’s going to be ok, but they didn’t have it anymore so I had to replace it. I choose strawberries. I was disappointed…but that’s just the beginning! The batter didn’t cook well enough even though I made the recipe as described. The cream..well I kind of changed it all because it was a white chocolate buttery cream and I don’t like buttery creams, so I replaced it with a white chocolate mousse cream. It was too sweet and too liquid 🙁 oh god the whole cake was a disaster, looking and tasting so bad! and I wasted 2h on it. Besides the cake I made 2 kinds of creams. It was a mushroom cream and eggplant cream, and I bought another cheese cream, some vegetables, bananas and strawberries, this is all we had for the picnic. The creams were so good, I usually like to make the creams myself, I don’t like to buy them, because they are more tasty and natural 🙂 and I make all sorts of creams to grease the bread, for the breakfast or dinner. I’ll probably post the way I make this creams some other time. We had a plan to go to see a cave “Pestera Romanesti” and to have a picnic. It seamed a pretty relaxing plan. As usual I was ready a bit too late in the morning. We started driving and after a while the landscape was changing, my hart was melting 😀 I started seeing mountains and smelling the fresh-flowery air, we had to take a break!
Infrared photos with the place

We saw some breathtaking places up on hills for our next home, pretty close to the big city. We loved these places. And finally we got to the mountains “Muntii Poiana Rusca” where we would find the cave. We were in a village from where a path, still accesible by car, would take us near the cave. We still asked a lady from the village how long would take us to get there. She told us it would be an hour walking slowly 🙂 by foot. We drove to the most we could, we found a parking place and left the car there. We were so hungry, we didn’t eat almost anything, but we knew the cave was so close from here and we planned to eat afterwards. We started following the marked paths, and we were walking, climbing, walking…

…for an hour and something still walking and climbing 🙁 and making fun of the lady from the village that told us it would take an hour, stating that she probably visited this place in her early childhood 🙂 But eventually we realized we were on the wrong path 🙁 and that probably the cave was just near to the parking place. I couldn’t believe it! We were so hungry and thirsty and the flies were constantly getting in our eyes, because it was drought and they were desperately searching for water, it seams our eyes were the only water containing things around there, it was so bad, I never hated flies that much! But we got back eventually, and yes the cave was near the parking place.
Near the cave

At the entrance we felt the cold air, I knew I wouldn’t bear it too long, I was wearing a dress and a shirt, I knew it would be colder but I didn’t know it would be that cold! And when I was reading that the cave has 1km and something, I imagined myself freezing in there for so long. I asked Radu if we are going to visit it all, he said of course 🙂 I was lucky the cave was indeed 1km and something, but it was accessible only for a small portion without special equipment. At the entrance sometimes there are held symphonic concerts, maybe we’ll see one some day. Going further there is the bats room, full of bats, we couldn’t see much, even if we had 2 quality lanterns, but we could hear the noise they were making. And there is a small room after this one and the cave ends pretty much in here.

Going out felt so pleasant, all that warmth covering my body 🙂

We had 2 more hours of light, it was 7-8 o’clock and we didn’t eat anything except for a tiny sandwich in the morning. We continued driving from the parking place and stopped in the first proper place for laying a picnic.
Picnic accessories – Bamboo see here

We ate the food so quickly because the flies, mosquitoes and the threatening clouds were constantly reminding us we should leave. It started raining indeed, we grabbed all the things and left. We could see the storm approaching, we stopped for a break to see the amazing sunset 🙂

We continued to drive into the storm.

The lightening was all around us, we were in the middle of the storm. It thundered somewhere on the field and I could see the sparks bouncing all over that place, than I started to fear badly. I was waiting to get to the nearest town where we could stop for a break. I know it’s said that you should be safe in a car from lightening but it’s not valid for all cars and it also depends on the power of the thunder. We eventually got safe in Lugoj 🙂 It was raining and thundering but walking on this small town’s streets felt so good and safe.

We stopped at a cafe along the Timis river for a drink.

I love this city, at least by night! The evening made this trip way better.

My look:
Dress – Zara
Shirt – Zara
Bag – Bata
flip-flops – made in China – no name