My B’day gifts :)

These are my special sweet gifts that I’ve received this year. Cat is not included :D, or maybe it is but only for the weekend!
You may wonder what they are, most of them are some cute things for our picnic, then there is a bag with minnie&daisy, Jeffrey Campbell boots for fall/winter, a Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 – I’m not really into phones but I never really knew I would love tablets that much, since I got it it’s my second laptop. I guess it has something that I’ve been really missing on phones, and that is the big screen! and a Lily-of-the-Valley bouquet. Needless to say I’m crazy about them all 🙂

picnic things: bottle, tray, kitchen towel, dishes, basket, ornamental sticks, 2 pillows, table cloth – from Bamboo
the pink round ornamental table cloth – from Auchan
Jeffrey Campbell boots – from StoneCreek
Samsund Galaxy tab 10.1 – from Emag
minnie&daisy bag – from Terranova

2 sweeties }{