My morning beet juice


I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to breakfast I love juicy things and more precisely I adore drinking just a simple fresh juice, that’s because I don’t really feel hunger in the morning but rather thirst, so this is why I drink 2 cups of juice and I only eat something after like 2h. As I’m writing you about my morning juices I’m having my favorite one: It’s the beet juice and this is how I make it:
Juice – 4 cups(2 persons)
• 2 medium beets
• 2 big carrots
• 8 medium apples





Beets are know to reduce blood pressure significantly, up to 10 points(comparable to the medications doctors prescribe for high blood pressure) and are also known to have a powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory effect that helps our body prevent cancer, some even say they have treated their cancer with beet juice..well I don’t know about that, but it sure is very healthy and I’m simply mad about this juice, even though some find it earthy muddy tasting, I think that combining it with apples and carrots it gives to it a delicious taste! Of course you can have beets as a salad or in cooked in other foods, but serving it raw as a juice will give the best benefits!
PS: Don’t worry if your urine is a little red after drinking it, it’s not blood! Beets have a very strong pigment!