My new pearl bag

Pearl Bag


Dress – H&M

Bag – Aliexpress

Pearl headband – Aliexpress

I expected my pearl bag from Aliexpress to arrive for quite some time, I actually had it in mind for some of my outfits from Zakynthos and I was a little disappointed it didn’t arrive on time, it actually exceeded the shipping arrival time so I had to ask for a refund. But finally it arrived on a very beautiful sunny day, and even if it’s more easily to wear it with summer outfits I tried to make a sunny fall outfit with it.  I like that the bag has clear pvc box that gives the bag it’s posture and I also like the satin pouch inside that comes fastened with a ribbon with 2 lovely pearl spheres at the end. It makes this even more adorable. While searching on Ali I found something similar but without these pearl spheres, this is why I opted for this one.

I choose this maxi floral dress from H&M which I bought during the summer. I can’t say it’s the kind of dress that’s really flattering for me since it fastens with buttons all the way up on the neck and it makes my bust area too large and not in a very flattering way. I wore it in an outfit during the summer, but I didn’t like the result at all so I’ve left it somewhere thrown in my wardrobe.

This day I thought to give it a try once again, so I’ve opened some of the upper buttons for a little cleavage and this way it elongates my bust area  a little bit.

I choose to wear the dress with a pair of old floral sandals with golden accents which I like very much as well as the beige-golden jacket. It is a simple outfit but I think the accessories makes it stand out.

I wore this outfit for a lunch with my family on Sunday, but I would wear it in many other occasions. When I was to one of my favourite pastries in Zakynthos to buy some spinach pies we would then have on the beach, there was a very nice owner lady who would have various conversations with her clients besides her products. I was wearing a very pretty dressy lavender dress, so she was obviously wondering where was I going dressed like that. I honestly didn’t have this in mind when choosing my outfit and I told her I just dress like that for a usual day. Because I don’t really have rules for when to wear my outfits. I feel people pay too much attention on this matter instead of focusing on how they feel wearing something and what they like, as a result they tend to dress common most of the times.

I usually try to dress my girls somehow similar to what I wear, when it’s possible, because I don’t buy their clothes on purpose for this, I try to choose from what they already have. I think they look so pretty all dressed up and it develops their artistic side as well. There are even times they would tell me: “Mom this looks really tacky!! I really hope you’re not going to have me wear this!”