My skin care routine

My skin care routine includes some products prescribed and recommended by my dermatologist for my oily/acnee skin. I use them for a few months now and they are really great, they include some products from Bioderma among others for treatment.

For the morning I use the following:
1.Wash with Bioderma sebium gel moussant
2.Moisturizer cream face: Bioderma sebium mat gel and Bioderma sebium hydra cream for the parts of the face that are too dry
3.Bioderma photoderm max ultrafluide with spf 50 only if I go out in the sun.
4.Acidium fusidicum cream on the sore/pus acnee pimples.

For the night:
1.Wash with Bioderma sebium gel moussant or if I have makeup on I use Bioderma sebium h20
2.Moisturizer Cream face: Bioderma sebium mat gel and Bioderma sebium hydra cream for the parts of the face that are too dry
3.After 15min I apply retin-A a cream with retinol/tretinoin 0.05% – this cream is great for acnee and wrinkles!
4.I apply on the sore/pus spots some cream prepared at a local pharmacy with neomicyn : neomicyn 0.2g, (talcum, zinc oxide)aa 3g, (lanolin,grease)aa 7g

..and 2 times a week I exfoliate skin with Bioderma sebium gel gommant.

I find the Bioderma products to be good for my skin as I have highly sensitive and oily skin, and these products don’t clog pores more then they already are from the sebum, otherwise they are no magic against acnee…but for the oily skin it’s indicated to use non-comedogenic moisturizers. The retinol is the only substance proven to actively work against wrinkles as it exfoliates the upper layers of the skin and stimulates the collagen production for a younger, brighter skin look, the exfoliating part is also very effective against acnee ..and I’ve seen some effects on both sides. I recommend using only a pea size amount of retin-A, cause it’s concentrated, otherwise it will dry the skin too much. Anyway the dry/irritated skin effects will be visible for a month at least, while the skin gets used to it, you should make sure to use the moisturizer and if the irritation is bad try using the retin-A cream every other day. The neomicyn cream and Acidium fusidicum cream treat the sore/pus acnee.

This skin care routine is appropriate only for oily/acnee skin type!