Nera’s Gorges, Part II


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This post is a continuation on the trip we’ve made to Nera’s Gorges back in April. As there was much interest in this story and even though I have a big stack of posts that I look forward to post, as summer is passing by so quickly, I thought it’s about time to finish the story about our trip to Nera’s Gorges. I woke up more optimistic than I was a night before, the fear of wolfs seamed like a really good joke now. I took a little courage so I was really looking forward to continue this trip, at least a part of it. The plan was really simple: if we like what we see we go on, if not there was plenty of time to return.


First part of the trip was really nice, with forests, meadows and creaks. Spring was more intense than ever, endless blooming trees all around us with wild scents that you only find in the forests. We passed near Cantonul Damian, the place where we should have camped a night before. The place is now abandoned and all you can find is a house and a stable and of course a nice meadow, perfect for camping. After taking fresh water in a bottle, from a creak, just short after passing near Cantonul Damian, we started experiencing the real gorge adventure, with paths carved into the rocks , some had cables attached to the rocks along the tighter paths, no more forests to escape to, just us, Nera river and the tall rocks along the river, but it was something new and we loved it.






After a while the trail signs showed our path should continue through water!! That wasn’t much of the surprise for us, though..we already knew there should be a place where we should pass Nera through water. You actually pass it in two stages, first to an island that is in the center of the river, then you should get from the island to the other shore. The first passing had shallow waters…


..but after the island, the water looked deeper, so my husband went first alone, without the luggage, to test it. He returned disappointed: the water was freezing cold, way deeper and faster than we knew it should be, perhaps the rainy spring had raised its levels. Probably things are better in the dry season. We decided he should pass with my luggage, then return to take his luggage and Being taller and having stronger legs, he had an advantage over me for sure, but it wasn’t easy for him either, especially when we had to pass it together. I was barely making my way through the strong currents, that took my flip flops with them and almost left us without our boots – I was holding them in a bag in one hand. What am I talking about?!! The currents almost took ME away along with the cameras and all of the stuff we carried with us. I had to bend and hold tight to my husband to make my way through the water, so Nera was passing somewhere near my chest to it’s deepest! It was so cold but I didn’t even realize it, because we were to preoccupied passing through it. And we made it somehow to the shore.. on the other part of the Nera!


So at that point, we were left with no choice of returning. Wet and a little disappointed, we continued our trip. It was a never-ending path through the tunnels, tight rock paths, slippery leafs, steep heels and torn tree trunks and brunches, paths unmaintained and washed out by the rain, and like this wasn’t enough there were some strange types of trees with a soft wood trunks, bending and cracking in the wind, ready to fall down. And the worst nightmare: 3 of the deadliest vipers – the horn vipers crossed our path, and no matter how hard we paid attention to the path and kept beating with a stick in front of us, I still passed over 2 vipers without noticing them, or they simply made their way between me and my husband. So not much to do about those either.. The hours were passing by and we had only a few till sunset. Walking for so long, we began to loose our sense of track, and had no idea where we were and how much there was left till the destination. More then 6 hours passed where the entire trip should have been no more than 4h-6h. We even thought we might have missed the destination and somehow continued on other trails from another gorge. I felt like in one of those movies, where they get lost in the wild for weeks, even if this was only for one day! I gave up, I started crying and I realized this type of adventure is not for me, we took a short break to eat some chocolate, the only thing we had time for. We had a look over a map on the camera that we photographed near Cantonul Damian, and finding the sign: “Ogasul Porcului” was a big relief for us. This meant we were close to “Lacul Dracului” / the Devil’s Lake – our destination. We arrived hungry and tired at Devil’s Lake after 9h of continuously walking.. but I’m sure things would have been different if my husband didn’t have to pass Nera 3 times, if we didn’t have those heavy backpacks and if we weren’t that super-conscious about the vipers. It was already dark, and we set our little leftovers on a wooden table to have our last dinner in the wild.



































Tired after a sleepless night with vipers and Nera’s currents haunting my mind, we had a look around the Devil’s Lake and the cave then set on for another exhausting 18miles(30 km) trip through the surrounding villages to get back to Bei Camping where we had left our car 2 days ago. We passed once again over Nera, but this time over a bridge…









This was actually the part where Nera’s Gorges were starting, so we had a last contact with it’s beauties, and even if we were exhausted, we were now ready to accept it as something else than horrifying. Actually if you like to have a little taste of Nera’s Gorges, apart from it’s dangers, this would be the best place to experience it (go from Sasca Romana to Podul Bei), it’s even more enchanting then its wild part, I’d say! But unfortunately as my camera’s battery was dead, I had to make the last photos from these places with the video camera…



I didn’t mean to scare you guys, the places are wild and the nature purely amazing, I just want you to be aware of the dangers in the wild , especially about the vipers that are present there and that really DO kill. Maybe if you are one of those travelers a little more superficial, without having any idea on the dangers or on how the vipers look like and what they might do to you, you might make this trip in 6h…but that’s really your choice and your life you’re playing with. You may also consider making the trip without huge backpacks, because it was really hard to slip through the fallen tree trunks, brunches, to pass them through the river or to walk along the tight rock paths. With a backpack of 44pounds(20kg) my husband lost weight of 13pounds(6kg) in 2 days, and I lost 6pounds(3kg) with my 10kg backpack, haha this is really proportional, now you know what you can do to loose weight fast and healthy!