No-heat curls


I’ve been thinking about trying this technique of curling the hair with no-heat for a long time, but I always thought: No! Not this time. I don’t want to ruin my hairstyle now. The reason I didn’t trust this method, is because of my native frizzy looking hair. I have curly hair, but not the beautifully defined curls you’ll achieve with a curling iron, it’s the type that gets in all directions, with tiny, fine, frizzy, curly baby hair framing my face. So it’s really hard for me to make a hairstyle that will look decent without heat. The heat sets all the cuticles in one direction, but it also destroys the hair. So there are some days, usually when I’m not having any plans on going anywhere, when I’m not applying any heat, except for a slight blow dry and afterwards tons of argan or other oils or serums that calm my frizzness the best and that nourishes, heals and hydrates it at the same time. It still doesn’t look like I’ve made an all-the-way blow drying or straightening, but at least I save it from the heat damage a little while. So in one of these days when I had no plans on going out(read that as it would be Sunday for you guys, or something of the kind), I decided to finally try the no-heat curls method. It’s pretty simple , even if it looks like you’d have to make lots of curls, it goes really fast:


1. I took a hair strand of medium thickness, I’ve moisten it with just a tiny bit of water(for an easier application, try using an empty bottle with a spraying system, filled with water) and a little bit of hair product(like gel, mousse or even a light hold hair spray) that will keep the curls in place. It’s very important to use just a little amount of water and product, otherwise you’ll the undesired wet-look curls. I would also advise using a light hold product or as I said, a very small amount. I personally used a gel from Bedhead that is actually recommended for straightening the hair, but the effect of keeping it fix, it’s obviously the same.

2. Comb the hair strand and wrap it around 3 fingers and secure it, flat on your head with a bobby pin.

3. Repeat this with all the hair and leave it over night.

4. Next day, unfold the curls and comb them. Mine attached to each other creating that wavy, vintage looking curls that I love. After unfolding your curls it might look that they are a little to stiff or curly, this is why you’ll have to comb it until you get the desired look. I’ve added lots of argan oil for smoothing and giving it shine. As I said my hair is fine and curly so I had to moisten it somehow, especially at the ends.

What I think is that the no-heat curls would definitely work great for a healthy, shiny and/or straight hair opposed to the curly, damaged or frizzy one. Still I think it looks good enough for the curly hair too, as long as you do a good job on moistening the ends with oils or a leave in conditioner. Next time I’ll definitely try blow drying my hair with a round comb first, which I think will help with the frizz and subsequently use this no-heat curling method to avoid the damaging effect of the curler.