Oatmeal with walnuts and blueberries


Oatmeal has lots of soluble fibers that bind to the cholesterol(LDL) in the intestines getting rid of it, instead of being absorbed into the system. This is why oatmeal and other high fiber are very good for lowering cholesterol and for loosing weight. So,I try making as many recipes as possible with it. I’m not much of a fan eating it simple moistened in milk, but cooking the oatmeal, makes it much more edible, it’s very similar with rice pudding that everyone loves! This is now my number one choice for breakfast. It gives me the energy I need and cuts down my sweets craving for the entire day, slimming my body little by little every day, this is the reason I love it so much. You can make it in many ways, with different fruits, but this match with walnuts, honey, blueberries and cinnamon is my favorite. It’s so delicious that I’m feeling more like eating a cookie then something meant for fasting!


Ingredients for one serving:
• 1/2(up to 2/3) cups of oatmeal
• 200ml low fat milk
• 100ml water
• 1-2 tsp cinnamon
• 8 walnuts
• 3 handful of blueberries(fresh or frozen)
• 1-2 tsp honey

Cook the oatmeal in milk and complete with as much water as how thick you’d like it to be. Oatmeal will cook fast, so it’s a very handy recipe for the breakfast. Pour the pudding on a plate, sprinkle cinnamon(Cinnamon is high in antioxidants and I’m also a cinnamon lover so I like to add up to 3 tsp), walnuts, blueberries and pour 1-2 tsp of honey. Super delicious and healthy!