Online shopping time and diet

Now I remembered this song from Inna, that reminds me of summer and I enjoy it.

Find below my shopping items. Some cute golden jewelry, 2 chunky black heels and some of my favorite makeup items from TooFaced. Not so many cloths now, I’m more into shoes and bags lately. Wish you all a lovely weekend, my dears. I’m surely going to enjoy this one, at the mountains. I’ve just started posted on Insta a few days ago so don’t forget to follow me if you want to be updated.

Stars golden necklace
Golden round ring
Golden love ring
Golden bracelet
empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty
TooFaced Chocolate bar eyeshadow
TooFaced Boudoir eyeshadow palette
TooFaced Lemon drop eye primer


Unif chunky black heels
Lamoda chunky black heels
Boho Day Floral Crochet Poncho
Cat tights

I’ll also be posting almost everything I eat in one day, because many people have asked me how I manage to stay fit. I’ve lost 22pounds(10kg), and now I’m only 88pounds(40kg), and no, it’s not too little, I’m feeling great and I can’t believe I didn’t realize the excess of fat I had on me, until now. Keep in mind that weight can’t be something standard, because it depends on so many aspects, like height, muscle and bone weight that are different for each of us and that contribute to the overall weight, so don’t aim for a certain weight, rather have a good look in the mirror and you’ll see for yourselves if and how much you still need to loose. What’s important, is that you are the one liking what you see and of course, even if you’re not eating tones of food, you must be adding various and nutritional ingredients to your food in order to stay healthy. Many diets are relying on a certain type of food, like proteins, or excluding totally others, like carbohydrates or fats. I don’t agree to neither of those, it’s not a balanced diet, so it’s not healthy.

Usually I “cook”(it’s too much to say I’m cooking it, rather preparing) something really fast to put together, usually made from raw food combined with boiled simple ingredients, and different spices for a delicious taste. I hope it will help the ones that are on diet. If I won’t post the meal(like the breakfast from today), it’s because it was the same as yesterday, so I don’t want to be repeating myself. Yes from a week now, I repeatedly had for breakfast a simple salad with lots of strawberries, a banana and a tbs of maple syrup, because I love it so much and now’s the time when strawberries are riped in our country, so they are really delicious. I didn’t intend to make this post about diet, but it came out this hope it helps.