Pastel purple

Shirt – Berska
Shorts – Pull and bear
Chunky white heels – Jeffrey Campbell(click here)
Backpack – Chicwish
Belt – Musette
Jewellery – Banggood


Makeup – smokey eyes with colourful mat black lace N.54 from Sephora. I think that smokey eyes works best for my type of eyes, it makes them stand out, somehow. And I love love love the carbon mat blacks, such a difference from the shimmery or the ones that are not really black(but more of a dark grey)!

For the lips, a pastel lavender lipstick from MAC, the viva glam in nicki 2 amplified shade – a gorgeous colour, just don’t smile, haha, this shade will make your teeth look so yellow.

I’ve prepared so many outfits for you these days, as going out to watch the movies every evening, I took advantage to the max of the time spent making my makeup, hair,etc and going out. Unfortunately there were only two movies I liked: “La grande bellezza” and maybe.. “Broken circle breakdown”, the rest were kind of wast of time. Listening to the song above, it reminded me of “The Prestige”, it is inspired, like the song, from the rivalry between Tesla and Edison – very good movie. My husband was telling me about this story, in one of my sleepless nights, surprised? Haha yep, I do listen to stories before going to bed, or I read them to my husband. The good part of being married to such a smarty, is that you get to learn and understand a lot of things you have probably died without knowing, so fun – it’s a continous learning process haha. There are only parts of the things he’s sharing with me that I get to be interested in, at first he used to be really angry when I was yawning while he would talk about transistors, diodes, etc, but in time he learned to pick the ones that were more entertaining to me, the ones that had a story behind or that are related to more perceptible things. So besides pickup recorded stories that I sometimes listen, because they are so calming for me, as they remind me of my early childhood, my husband is choosing different books that are to our both interest and it’s either me or him reading them, but it’s usually me, so that it gets me tired enough to go to bed haha. I usually don’t like novels, it has to be really good to get me into reading it, I am more practical to say so. The latest we’ve tried is “A brief history of time” written by a contemporary physicist, Stephen Hawking, as the title suggests, it gets briefly through the most important phisics phenomena with explicit examples, leaving aside the tedious theorems that you’ve learned in school and probably forgot them already. It is surely not easy to understand it deeply and you’d need the basics, but once you have, it’s probably all you need to understand in physics, entertaining at the same time, it’s like a story, but a real one! Enough for now, as my husband wants to take me for a walk and I haven’t even got the time to take my lunch today. I’m literally stuck to my laptop, whether it’s work or hobby. This computer is killing me slowly, guys! haha