Pink rose petals jam


I can’t hide it from you guys! I’ve fallen in love with roses! My garden is full of these superb flowers and every morning I go out to have a look at them closely and smell their delicate scent, and as this wasn’t enough I’ve set my eyes on some of the most perfumed ones to try my first pink rose petals jam. I started cutting out some roses right under my mother’s horrified look. She loves those roses even more than she loves me :)) you can imagine how “well” she received the jam news! She even told me that this roses jam absolutely disgusts her, but I think it’s rather the cutting process haha. But I was very reasonable, I’ve only taken 7 roses, enough for a small jar. I’m sure you can make even much more jam from 7 roses but I like it rather concentrated. I prefer to have a smaller quantity but with a higher quality 🙂




So first thing to know when making roses jam is the type of roses that are best suited for the jam. First the color: pink roses are the best followed by the white, yellow and the last ones that are rarely used are the red ones. Second thing to take into consideration is the consistency of the petals, that has to be as soft as possible, so the bunch type roses are better than the single flower growing ones. And third thing: the smell!!! More perfumed means more delicious! Also take care to pick only fresh roses not the withered ones. This is the criteria of which to choose the best roses for your jam.
Now how do you pick them? Considering the fact that the petal’s white part(the one where it attaches to the rest of the flower) has a bitter taste, you should cut all the petals at ones from the flower, right above the white part, saving yourself from cutting them petal by petal.
• the petals of 7 roses
• 3-4 tbs of sugar(you can add more if you like it sweeter)
• 1 cup of water
• lemon juice(according to your taste, but it’s better to add just a little to preserve the delicate rose scent)
• gelatine for 1 cup(250ml) of water
• a pinch of cinnamon
• vanilla essence
• preservative(or 1 aspirin pill)
Squeeze a little lemon juice over the petals, rub them a little, then place them in a pan together with 3 tbs of sugar and a cup of water. Let them boil for 3 minutes, add gelatine appropriate for 1 cup of water, let it dissolve. Add the vanilla essence and the cinnamon, and as much lemon juice as you like. Because I’ve made a smaller quantity I didn’t have to add preservatives, but if you would like to store it, add your preferred one and put it in the jar. If I want to preserve it for longer period I usually use aspirin, yes it’s aspirin – the pain killer, as I consider it to be one of the “healthiest” preservatives. Aspirin it’s good for your heart and for preventing some types of cancer(recently discovered) too, but it also has some downsides like a growing risk factor for internal bleeding due to it’s anticoagulant effect. But considering the relative small quantity you would use as a preservative the risks are irrelevant.
I really though the light scent of roses will be lost after boiling the petals, but moreover it has slightly enhanced! The result: a creaky, tasty, pink jam, just perfect!