Pumpkin milkshake


When I woke up, yesterday morning the first thing I’ve noticed was the unusual white light in my bedroom, it had snowed for the first time this year! Now you might think it has snowed in my bedroom haha, actually the snow is now reflecting the light day and night through the large window in the entire room.


I had something different in mind for my breakfast this time, I tried to switch from my usual oatmeal recipes(that I still love very much) with something new, the pumpkin milkshake with cinnamon. I actually prepared the pumpkin a night before to have it ready in the morning, because it takes some time to cook. I usually cook more pumpkin then I need to have it for a few days, kept in the fridge.


For 2 cups of milkshake you need:
• 1,2 or 3 slices of pumpkin, just like in the photo above(this time I’ve made it with 3, but usually I like it more fluid so I only add one slice)
• 250ml(1 cup) low fat hot milk
• 100ml(1/2 cup) hot water(you can use milk..but I’m on diet..you know the story)
• 3 tsp cinnamon..again as much as you like


As I said you need to cook the pumpkin in the oven first. I cook it for about 1h30min at 356 F(180 C), but it depends on the pumpkin type, some cook in 1h so check from time to time. Add the peeled slices of pumpkin in the blender together with the hot milk and water plus the cinnamon and blend well.

This drink is perfect for the cold mornings. Enjoy a hot cup of this milkshake!