Raspberry, chocolate and pistachio tartlets


These raspberry tartlets recipe dates back in June this year, there were so many recipes with berries I’ve made then, that I considered they are too much to be added in the same month. This is why I kept some of the best for the colder months too, but don’t worry you can make these tartlets with frozen raspberries too! Actually now that the holidays are coming, these will definitely make a good impression to your guests, on the Christmas or New Year’s Eve table. For now, I could only dream about these tartlets, because I’m still on diet. It’s true, I cheated yesterday with a little pizza, pasta and a slim slice of one of my favorite cakes: carrots cake, but that’s just because I’ve been to a party where everyone else was eating so I couldn’t stay away..I was very happy today, we had an unexpected good weather for this time of the year when we’ve celebrated Romania’s National Day. A walk in the city, concerts, eating traditional meals from the Christmas fair, warming up and chatting with my sweetie in the kindly hot sun of December and of course a generous shopping noon, taking advantage of the last Black Friday’s Sunday’s deals(a borrowed and extended day it’s true, but discounts never bother me..that’s also true), was our way of celebrating. For me something is still missing.. you know, last years we had a custom of making a special cake in the evening for our National Day, it’s a cake I’ve made up some years ago and we loved it very much so I’ve named it to this day “First of December”. I’m really sorry I skipped it this year for the diet reasons, maybe I’ll make it for holidays but for now let’s just indulge into this delicious raspberry , chocolate and pistachio tartlets.


We have to make a slim batter for this cake, so we should used half the quantities from a regular one:
• 3 eggs
• 3 tbs whole grain flour
• 2 tbs sugar
• 1 tsp backing powder
• vanilla essence
• a pinch of salt
Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until thick, add the 3 tbs of sugar, beat once more to incorporate, add the egg yolks and vanilla essence and mix to include these also. Add the 3 tbs of flour and the backing powder and incorporate by folding gently(carefully not to damage the beaten eggs consistency) into the rest of mixture. Use a rectangle shape to cook the batter. Place a backing paper on the tray, then pour the batter. Place in the oven at 356 F (180 C) for 20-25 min.

Additional ingredients:
• 2-3 cups of unsalted pistachio
• 2-3 cups of raspberries(fresh or defrosted)
and for the cream:
• 300g of dark chocolate(use quality chocolate for best results)
• 4 tbs of cream
• 4 tbs of milk

Heat the milk, turn off the fire when it starts to blow. Add the cream and the chocolate and mix it(without heating it) until it gets homogenous. Let it cool then pour it over the batter, add the crushed pistachio on top and carefully add one layer of raspberry. Cut it in little squares and serve. I personally like the chocolate and berries match and with the nutty taste it gets even better! Have a lovely Sunday, dears!