Rice pudding – childhood’s sweet taste

Rice pudding or rice in milk as I call it it’s on everyone’s taste, it’s great for breakfast or when you desire something sweet and if you know how to make it everyone will love you for this :)) People that know me often ask me to make them this delicious dessert, they always say, OMG I don’t know how you make it, mine is never that good..so I must be a rice pudding specialist or something haha. When I was little my mother used to make this simple and great dessert, but it didn’t come out so good every time. I remember that I was so anxious to see how good it will be each time and it was always a surprise, I was so disappointed most of the times. Growing up, when I started cooking, this was one of the first recipes I started to make and I wanted to clarify this mystery once and forever! So what does a rice pudding turn out good or bad? It pretty simple, it’s all about patience and the appropriate quantities of the two main ingredients: rice and milk. People often make the mistake of adding too much rice and in the end they run out of milk…so they don’t cook it well enough, or they previously boil the rice in water than in the end they add it in the milk and it gets so unflavored and watery, or they don’t have enough patience to mix it while it’s cooking and it’s sticking on the bottom and then it gets that smoky taste that ruins it all.

I recommend you using a double bottom, unsticky material, or thick pan so you dismiss the sticking possibility!
The recipe:
– one full cup of rice
– 1l milk
– 1 teaspoon sugar
– a pinch of salt
– vanilla essence

for the topping one of the following:
– jam, it especially makes a good match with apricots jam or strawberry jam
– cinnamon with sugar – my favorite
– cocoa powder with sugar

Put the milk in the pan, bring it to the boiling point then add the rice , starting mixing at the same time. Add the salt, sugar – don’t add too much sugar because with the topping it will get too sweet, it’s better to have a good contrast between it and the topping. And continue mixing and mixing ..it will take a lot of time, but if you want it you’ve got to stay there and keep on mixing :)) otherwise it will easily get stuck on the bottom! It’s done when the rice has absorbed almost all the milk but still has a creamy sauce, don’t make it too hard it’s not that tasty!

This is how mine looks from today’s breakfast.

Have a lovely Sunday. Kisses, Meda