Rosa is seventeen months

Rosa is seventeen

Dress, heels – Asos
Shirt – Zara

We had such a wonderful day celebrating Rosa for her seventeen months anniversary. Actually this is nothing special than we usually do when we have time to spend together: going out, walking, having something delicious to eat, except I try to make a shooting with all of us, because I realise they are growing so fast and if it’s not something scheduled, there’s never time for this and it’s so hard with kids of this age to capture them beautifully on camera. So I want to make a shooting at least once per month with each of them. Vloging is my latest passion, if I can say so, so I try to make at least a short one for each post. Hope you enjoy this one as well:

Regarding my outfit, I have to say this is one of some gorgeous dresses that I bought online from Asos. I really enjoy shopping online from them, since you have such a large variety to choose from, they are all presented online with videos(you can see the details better than in pictures) and the shipping is fast and also the return policy is so convenient.

I love details on every piece of clothing and this one it’s no exception! It has some beautiful ruffles as well as a deep plunge, but as I wore it just going out(for nothing fancy) I wanted to make it a little more on casual side, so I added this sheer top with some nice embroidery on the shoulders, from Zara, underneath it. I actually used this top more than I though I would. It’s very light and I can make so many layering styles with it. I also love lace(obviously) and this light lavender shade(which matched perfect with the roses background).

For the same reason mentioned above, about taking it to a more casual look, I added some less dressier heels, I tried to stay away from pointed toe or stiletto type of heels, since they are too elegant and it’s not the look I was going for.

To complete my casual look I choose to make a relaxed ponytail with some loose curls.

I purchased quite a lot of dresses for my girls, for this summer, but somehow it’s so hard to make everything matching together. And I regret some of them are still unworn. I spend so much time trying to put everything together before going out, since I’m always tempted to give them some of the unworn dresses, but at the same time they would have to somehow match with the style I was going for. So I guess it would be smart to do it the other way around in the future: starting the matching process from one of their dresses!

I wonder, how are you, guys, celebrating anniversaries, for a family member?