Sequins jacket with black outfit


I’ve been searching for some time now, for a tall building for my photos. Walking through the city, I usually try to spot these kind of places, but it’s hard to find one where you’d be allowed to go on top. This is how I found this decayed building, where I’ve been shooting the photos for this post. It was a spontaneous choice, I’ve made in the car on our way to the park! I’m very daring, guys, when it comes to planning things, I’m always so excited, like Oh my Gosh, let’s go there, lets do this and that, the only problem is when I have to face them! When I had to walk the ruined stairs in dark, I almost gave up but here came my husband…Where did you think we’re going sweetie? At the Mall? Keep going! He’s got a totally opposite behavior to mine, he kind of tends to stay in the comfort area, but then he acts really cool on spot. This is how we make a great team! I’m the one pushing him to these places, then he’s the one pushing me a little more, helping me complete it. It was a challenge but it was worthy, and I’m really planning a shooting with the homeless guys living in there! I don’t know when will that be, considering my husband’s next choices: the park, he already outlined it, as soon as I’ve came with this wonderful idea, but I really have a vision on this thing!






I wore these very trendy shorts, that every girl on lookbook has that I’ve purchased from Zara, so I could wear them right away, while the weather is still good, but I’ve seen them on many websites on lower prices. I’m also in love with Jeffrey Campbell shoes, they always make a statement!

Shorts, shirt, bag – Zara
Boots – Jeffrey Campbell
Sequins jacket – Mango
Eagle necklace(I didn’t notice home – it’s a little hard to spot it on the print, but I liked it very much) – Pull and bear